Football – The Ordinary Moments

Harry and Declan love football. For the past two years Declan has been playing for a local team and Harry started last year too. Since then our Sunday mornings have been spent on the side of a football pitch cheering on Declan.

Ready to play some football

They both train on a Wednesday and Declan plays matches on a Sunday. This morning we drove 20 minutes away to his match to arrive at a ridiculously muddy pitch. Imogen has started to walk this week and she decided she didn’t want to sit in the pushchair for an hour. Not that I blame her – but it would have been handy if she did!

Declan took his boots off before getting into the car, I’m not looking forward to cleaning them tomorrow though!

Muddy football  boots!

I think Imogen’s teeth are coming through, she was unsettled this morning at football. She even cried herself to sleep in the car – cue Mummy guilt – which isn’t like her, she is normally happy in the car. She stayed asleep whilst we made pancakes and woke up much happier – especially as we had pancakes.

To end our ordinary Sunday, I ordered the online food shop. Everyone did some drawing and ended with a roast dinner.

We did have some extra-ordinary plans but they got cancelled with Imogen feeling under the weather. Regardless, we have had a pretty awesome ordinary day. To make it even better our new baby nephew was born.

Happy Birthday baby Dylan, welcome to this wonderful crazy world.

The Ordinary Moments

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5 thoughts on “Football – The Ordinary Moments”

  1. Oh no look at all that mud! You forget how easy it is when they will just stay in their pushchairs LOL I really need to get my little one into a team as he loves football… not sure I can cope with standing watching in the freezing cold and the muddy boots though 😉

    1. The cold, wet, muddy Sunday mornings aren’t what I thought I was signing up for either!

  2. Football seems like such a ritual in so many houses and it almost makes me sad that we don’t have anything like this as Troy hasn’t discovered football yet x

    1. Don’t be sad!! It’s something I wish I never started. For Declan he is full of disappointment every week when he doesn’t start.

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