Time management – Where did that year go?

I have no idea what happened. But this year went by so quickly. I have decided that I have to fully embrace that I have zero time management skills what so ever.

It’s been a whole year (well a little over a year now) since I posted last. I just can’t grasp the idea of managing my time so it is super efficient.

time needs to slow down

I do have four children (who I adore) but also take up a lot of my time. In between travelling to their different clubs and activities that they all have on and going to church on Sunday it leaves very little time. Also. Lily is now 11 years old and is wanting to stay up with me later and we do things together. Most days we watch television but occasionally we build Lego, general chatting or whatever she needs or wants to do. Which is great to have that time to build this relationship with her. However, this means she isn’t going to bed till 9.30 which means that’s when my time begins.

During my me time, I have to do my Uni work (which I am now officially in my last year of). But I also have housework, work work, I volunteer as a Brownie leader work. I am also treasurer of our district, and volunteering with the school PTA. Then finally my blog.

This blog is probably the one thing I would love to be doing more often than the other things (apart from Brownies I love that!) But I have to prioritise and of course I procrastinate a lot too….. that doesn’t help.

Any tips on time management? That you have seen work for you? Google can only get me so far.

Hopefully I can be back to blogging on a regular basis soon!

Helen - FromMummytoMum

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