Taste testing – Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Since Lily became vegan in September we have been experimenting with lots of different meals to cook, but also with puddings and sweet treats that are easy to do but still delicious. So we went on the hunt for recipes and came across these Vegan Chocolate Cookies Lily couldn’t wait to try them.

Although our pictures don’t do any justice and the ones in the original recipe are awesome we gave it a go and they turned out lovely. They didn’t last two days in our house with 6 of us we all loved them.

Our ingredients to make the cookies!

We did slightly change the recipe We didn’t have any chocolate in the house apart from left over vegan chocolate coins from a selection box so we just chopped those up and use them instead. We also added a vegan white chocolate bar chopped up into pieces at the end whilst they were still warm instead of dark chocolate. Also, instead of using cocoa powder we used cacao powder.

We added the ingredients to the mixing bowl, and once it was all combined rolled them into balls and into the oven. Once the white chocolate was melted on the top they barely had time to cool before Lily was deciding which one to eat.

As you can see from her face she thoroughly enjoyed them

Have you been baking anything this week?

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3 thoughts on “Taste testing – Vegan Chocolate Cookies”

    1. They really were, everyone in the house liked them – even the boys who are adamant they don’t want to be vegan. They were very surprised to find out they were!

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