Project 365 Week 6 – Feb 2nd to 8th February

We are now in week 6 of 2019 – the year is flying by. this week in particular has been a crazy week. I haven’t managed to blog since last Monday – not through not wanting to. There has just been no time. Hopefully this week I can pick it back up and get some normality into the week again.

Saturday 2nd

It seems forever ago now, but we finally managed to finish our treasure trail and I loved this picture when it was the boys turn to find a picture clue and they were trying to help each other.

Sunday 3rd

Little trip to the park to let off some steam, it was amazing to watch the big three creatively playing together.

Monday 4th

Harry learnt to ride his bike with no stabilisers this past week. During Lily’s half an hour piano and singing lesson on Monday he learnt to go in a straight line and over the past week he has now learnt to turn too. Now just to learn how to start by himself.

learning to ride his bike - p365 week 6

Tuesday 5th

Yes we are still sorting the clothes! Marie Kondo style.

Wednesday 6th

Instead of brownies tonight I went on a little Welsh course to see how to use welsh in our mark making areas.

Thursday 7th

Harry loves folding clothes the Marie Kondo way!

Friday 8th

Friday night is homework night (mostly). Imogen loves to join in and try and do Harry’s spellings too.

Week 6 (and most of week 7) is over. I can’t believe how quickly 2019 is passing us by. Can’t wait to see what we get up to next week.

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