Project 365 Week 5 – 26th to 1st February 2019

Week 5 of 2019 but this week hasn’t been too successful. Tuesday and Friday disappeared. Work was busy and by the time we got home there was nothing else to do but read and bed. I’m not dwelling too much on the pictures I didn’t get but more on the pictures I did get.

I got a new phone this week – iPhone XR! I loved my iPhone 7 and thought the camera was great. So it was a difficult decision to make. But my phone started to have issues with the speakers it was time to upgrade. the XR’s camera is amazing. I love it so this weekend has been spent taking lots of pictures!

So week 5… what did we do?

Saturday 26th

Saturday seems like such a long time away. We went to start the treasure trail (which we finally finished on Saturday). We ran out of time after getting cold so went out for tea! Pasta face! I have so many pictures of Imogen with a red face!

Food out at the beginning of week 5

Sunday 27th

Sunday we went to play golf at Paradise Island. The boys loved it – even if Declan’s face doesn’t show it.

Monday 28th

Monday the children were off school. We had so many plans for us to do – instead we sat on the couch ill. So the boys went out to their friends and Xbox when they got home. Imogen too of course.

Tuesday 29th

Tuesday was a busy day in work, and then after getting home I had tea to sort. Lily to get to guides and the weather was bad, boys were tired and grumpy. Was just a long day and I completely forgot.

Wednesday 30th

Wednesday snowed pretty much all day…. and then by the evening it was gone. I don’t like being cold but I wish it stayed a little longer.

Thursday 31st and Friday 1st

Thursday and Friday were pretty much the same as Tuesday – they are the days I work. I definitely need to make more effort on my working days. Last week I was off work Tuesday and Thursday with Imogen being ill so I had more time.

I hope your week was more successful than mine!

Helen - FromMummytoMum

6 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 5 – 26th to 1st February 2019”

  1. sorry to hear you were poorly, hope you’re better soon. I’m loving everyones snow pictures. I’ve also forgotten to do things that are on a regular date and time, it’s frustrating when you remember you should’ve been elsewhere

    1. I agree! I love the cosy winter nights (especially when we get snow) but I’m looking forward to the longer days

  2. I always struggle to do anything on my work days Mon-Thurs especially take photos! Although I am finding that at least taking in 365 I am doing it more. Sorry you didn’t get much snow and what you did didn’t stay. We had the same issue, very disappointing for the kids. Hope this week is easier on you xx

    1. I’m hating working more and more – I’m finding I’m missing out on so much of the kids!

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