Project 365 – let’s get started

A few years ago I completed project 365 for two years in a row. Since then I haven’t even attempted to do it as I thought I was in the habit of taking pictures.

Turns out I’m not. After looking back over this week I have taken a lot of pictures of Imogen and that’s it. Apart from our day out on Saturday to Bodnant Gardens of course. It is just so much easier to get pictures of Imogen. Firstly, she co-operates 90% of the time and secondly we see her more. Between school and going to their Dads we miss out a lot on the bigger ones during the week!

Our project 365 weekly round up

Project 365 round up

The group pictures were taken at Bodnant Gardens, yes all four of them. The others are all of Imogen – who loves a selfie. Especially with snapchat! We went out in her new pushchair. She loved the new pushchair and was a perfect opportunity to test it before our trip to France in the summer. Imogen had a cake smash, new car seat and ate out after Daddy got a job offer. So was a very busy week.

As you can see there aren’t many pictures of what we did, they are all of Imogen. My phone is always to hand. I just need to make sure I pick it up more often to take pictures of everyday things. The little things that we forget as the years go by.

Project 365 is a way to take a picture every day for a year so I know I won’t have 365 pictures. But I will have more pictures than I would have done if I don’t start!

To make things a little easier I have registered on, my intention is to upload my picture to the website every week so they are all in one place and easy to find. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up.

Looking forward to seeing what this week will bring!

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    1. They do grow so quick, so many people say to cherish them but you don’t realise how quickly time will go

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