Our 2019 Goals and Aims

I have seen a lot of bloggers blogging about their bucket lists, 19 things for 2019 and various other new years resolution posts about what they aim to do in 2019.

This is my goals and aims for 2019 and things that I would like to achieve, family goals, blog goals but also personal goals, things just for me that I need to hopefully do.

Family Goals

  • Go on at least one new adventure a month – I’d like to try and visit at least one new place a month, we are members of National Trust and I want to be able to make the most of it this year.
  • Go outside at least once a week – whether it be to the park, the zoo, the farm (both of which we have yearly passes for) or just a little walk to the shop and back we need to make time for us all to get out of the house together.
  • Enjoy our family holiday to France – I don’t think this one will be too difficult to do
  • Go camping – we will be camping in France obviously but I’m hoping to be able to fit in at least one other camping trip in the UK – hopefully more.
  • Read more books together – so I love to read and so do the children luckily, this year I want to try and make time to read together – I read with each of the children and they read to me but I would like to make it a family event where we all read the same books. Lily loves Harry Potter and has read all the books I’m thinking I may start reading these stories together.
  • Take family pictures – As much as I hate having my photo taken I would love more family photos, one a month would be a good start!

Blogging Goals

  • Keep up with the blog – I don’t have the best track record with blogging, so my main goal this year is to still be blogging at the end of the year!
  • Engage more – So I have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – all of which I don’t use nearly enough! So I’m hoping to get to grips with using them to promote my posts
  • Engage with other bloggers – one of my favourite things about blogging is reading other peoples blogs – I have feeder that I love to read so I want to make more effort to comment on the posts rather than just reading them.

Personal Goals

  • Make a date with a friend – I have been trying since the end of September to get together with a friend for a child free drink and chat. I would like to try and do it before February and then maybe try and do it again a few times before the end of the year.
  • Make time for exercise – So I want to get fitter and healthier, not lose weight essentially but that would be a bonus, so I want to make time 2/3 times a week to do a fitness video.
  • Declutter the house – so this is a big one for me, we have so much stuff that we have accumulated that we really don’t need so I would like to declutter one room a month for 6 months so before my birthday and before we go away to France the house is clutter free(ish) and easier to manage.
  • Read 12 books – this isn’t many – just one a month and I know when we go camping I can read 3/4 in a week but I want to make time to just read at home again too.
  • Manage my time more effectively – there are so many things throughout the week now that I want to fit in that I need to find better ways of managing my time. I want to get set hours to work to for things I need to do. Obviously there are times when I am unable to stick to it religiously but I would like to try and stick to it as best as I can.
  • Get out from behind the camera – I love to take photos of everything we are doing but I hate having my photo taken, I want to get out of the habit and actually get in some photos – there aren’t many of me from Christmas Day with the children and I want to change that next year.

So there are just a few little goals that I would like to aim for by the end of the year. I’m hoping to do a catch up post in June to see how I’m getting on and if I need to reassess any.

Link me up to your goals/resolutions/aims for this year – I’d love to read them.

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5 thoughts on “Our 2019 Goals and Aims”

  1. That’s a great list of goals, it’s so important to fit some personal goals in just for yourself isn’t it. I try and schedule in two adventures a month, making them budget friendly so we can stick to them. Best of luck with your goals for 2019 x

    1. I’m hoping we can stick to them too!! Would be nice to come back at the beginning of next year and say I have completed a lot or at least attempting them

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