One month of posts – almost!

Since starting the blog back up in January I have managed to write a post everyday for the first month. Apart from the very last day – typically!

I caught Imogen’s cold. She’s been full of cold for about two weeks. On Wednesday I started with it. I never managed to schedule a post for Thursday morning. And with being ill I didn’t manage to write a post either. It has been a horrible cold, I really feel for Imogen.

I cannot believe that we are now in February already. Already one month into 2019

On the blog this month

Our January has been very good. Imogen turned one and I’ve set goals for us to reach. We’ve been on days out to Bodnant Gardens, Flip out, build a bear, treasure trail and adventure golf. It was fun testing chocolate cookies and Lily loves her new Joie spin 360 car seat.

Imogen sleeping out of routine from having a cold/cough this month.
With being ill Imogen’s routine has been completely ruined. This was taken 9.30am after school runs!

General life this month

As well as the special activities we have also done the normal everyday activities too. Guides, Cubs, football, Xbox, reading, spellings, homework. Playing, arguing, smiling, laughing.

We've played on the Xbox this month too!
Imogen’s nose doesn’t stop running!! But this was a cute picture when her and Harry were sat on the couch ‘playing’ xbox
Finally got the school photo back – that I thought would be back for me to make Christmas presents with!

But most importantly this month (well really this week). We have decided to Marie Kondo the house.

We have donated 7 bags of clothes. For my clothes I used to have 2 wardrobes and 4 drawers. Now I have 10 times hung in my wardrobe – all dresses and using two drawers. With the new method of folding clothes by
Marie Kondo . Lily has been learning how to fold and it is going to be our task over the next week to try and sort everyone’s clothes.

After clothing it is supposed to be books. But we are going to do books and toys at the same time… hopefully the weekend.

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