Murder Mystery Treasure Trail – Part 2

We have been busy today. We finally managed to finish the murder mystery treasure trail. There were a few hiccups along the way but majority of it all was very fun.

After parking the car in the car park suggested – £2 for 4 hours. We headed down to the first few clues. We already did them the first time so it was just a picture with the Queen of hearts without the cold wind and rain.

Queen of Hearts on the Murder Mystery Treasure Trail

Before we started…

We bought sausage rolls. We picked Lily up from Academy at 1 so we were late having lunch.

Let’s solve the murder mystery…

So we already had completed the first 5 clues. We caught up with ourselves and found the information sign we needed.

Whilst we were looking for the clue a bird poo’d on Lily’s back. Of course she enjoyed pretending to wipe it on her brothers! They were not impressed.

The next clues weren’t quite so eventful, but throughout the whole trail there were fantastic sculptures of the characters of Alice in Wonderland, carved by Simon Hedger. There is also a white rabbit trail that we are hoping to do another day to view all of the sculptures.

Lily loved the whole experience from the start. The boys took a little persuading. They did love the open spaces to be able to run and explore though.

The boys got involved once the clues were pictures. They loved trying to find the objects that we had to find.

White Rabbit and Mad Hatter, a few more beautiful carvings we saw along the way.

The murder mystery trail took us up towards the Orme and we saw some amazing views from the walk up and from the top.

More carvings at the top and beautiful mushrooms that Lily nearly fell off.

Inside the book by the Caterpillar there was a beautiful carving of Alice.

Perfect opportunity to test out my new phone on portrait mode – pretty impressed with the results.

After walking back down the Orme we walked along the pier and yet more amazing views.

Group picture at the top (with a sleeping baby!)

Murder Mystery Treasure Trail

Overall the treasure trail was amazing. The children loved every second and we found things that we haven’t seen before. The clues were fantastic, a few trickier ones for the adults and older children. Picture clues for the younger children. This trail in particular had lots of open spaces to run and play. Once completed we came home entered our answer into the website and could download a certificate and get entered into a prize draw for £100.

We can’t wait to do the next one – not sure if it will be a spy mission or treasure hunt. We will see.

Have you done a treasure trail?

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