Living Arrows – Jan 7th 2019

I still can’t believe we are in 2019 already, in fact I just wrote 2018 as the title and had to change it, and I will be doing this for some time I imagine.

The big three are back in school today and it is so quiet around the house now. I love the routine that being back at school and work brings but I don’t like that our family time of 4 whole days altogether is now just two full days, one after school and one evening after work. I feel like I’m blinking and life is whizzing by before my eyes. I still can’t get my head around that my baby girl is now one year old.

My pictures for living arrows this week are from when we went to the park on Saturday before the madness of Imogen’s birthday party started.

Lily gracefully sliding down the ramp at the skate park.

Before we went onto the play park, they wanted to go onto the skate park. We love to watch Ninja Warrior UK so they like to think that by running up and down the ramps they are taking part in Ninja Warrior. We have to chant beat the wall as they get to the biggest ramp. Lily loves to pose (on her terms of course – if I’d wanted this photo she never would have done it for me but because she wanted it, not a problem) I love that she still loves to be silly!

Declan flying off the bottom of the slide – obviously completely exaggerated

Declan loves the skate park too and there were some good photos of him on the skate park, but I love this one of him on the park. It sums up our day perfectly, just have to laugh at ourselves. He was trying to come down the slide on his knees and ended up rolling and rolling and rolling and obviously his freshly washed coat was again full of mud – ‘whoops’ was his reply!

Harry’s attempt to Beat the wall

As I said previously we have to chant beat the wall when they begin their run up to the big ramp at the end of the course. Well, Harry is the worst for it. He will not run if we aren’t chanting, but I love this photo his face shows such determination – he made it this time – but there has been many attempts where he hasn’t and ends up sliding straight back to the bottom on his belly!

Imogen needed a helmet with Daddy’s driving!

Imogen got some new wheels for her birthday from Nana and Grandad! She loved her first time out on her new bike, but Grandad thought that Daddy’s driving was much too rough and decided she needed a helmet on – she wasn’t too impressed!

We have loved the two weeks holiday from school/work life and our last weekend was a busy one with a first birthday, which will hopefully be on the blog tomorrow, and a baby shower yesterday but today as school started back so did after school clubs, so my weekends are now taken up by Academy for Lily on a Saturday, football on a Sunday for Declan, we have singing for Lily on a Monday after school as well as beavers for Harry, Tuesday I’m in work till 5.30pm, which means it is too dark to do anything when I get home, Wednesday – Friday they go to their dads, our free time is limited until the next half term!! Counting down to February!!

Living Arrows

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14 thoughts on “Living Arrows – Jan 7th 2019”

  1. The kids look like they had a great time at the park, clean coats never stay that way in our house either. I hope Imogen had a lovely birthday. #livingarrows

  2. It sounds like they have great fun at the park. My girls love the park but we’ve never thought to see it in this way. #livingarrows

    1. That’s what I love about the park, every time we go there is a different way of playing

  3. Hehe, your kids would get on well with mine! Mine love to leap over everything and are parkour obsessed! I have already written 2018 several times 😂

  4. This looks like such a great place to play and explore. I’m so confused by what year it is – and what day it is too! x

    1. We are so lucky to live just across the road from this park, the children love exploring there.

  5. We have watched that show too and I can picture it and trying to get up that wall. It looks like they had great fun. I am with you on the only two day thing and there always seems so much to do as well. Loving the new wheels xx

    1. I know they are getting a great education, but I don’t like that the teachers spend more time with them Monday-Friday than I do!

  6. They all look like they’re having so much fun! I hope you’ve all settled back into the school routine again. #LivingArrows

  7. We love Ninja Warrior too, but didn’t watch it for a while now. My son loves pretending he is a ninja all the time, so that’s enough ninja activity for me.

    1. We haven’t watched it for a while either – I just think that this skate park always reminds them of the beat the wall. Haha that would be enough for me too!

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