Living Arrows – Jan 28th 2019

I’v been joining in with the Living Arrows linky with What the Redhead said for the past four weeks. You can view all of my living arrows posts here. It is great for making us go out together and take pictures.

This week we attempted a Treasure Trail. We started a little later than we intended too, it started to rain and it got dark soon after. So we only managed 7 clues before we had to stop. I’ll be writing a blog post once we’ve completed it all!


Lily was the most excited to do the treasure trail. Normally, if it’s raining, she would want to stay home but she can’t wait until we can go out and finish it. She’s already planning the next ones too!


Declan was the least interested in the trail. He would rather be on the park or riding his bike. But once we started he loved finding the clues.


Harry wasn’t bothered either way as long as he got his sausage roll ha! We said we’d have half a sausage roll each to keep us motivated whilst walking (and Lily wanted to try out the Vegan sausage roll).


Imogen was still a little under the weather. She was all snuggled up in her pram under the rain cover. Completely oblivious to the rain, wind and cold.

Living Arrows

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13 thoughts on “Living Arrows – Jan 28th 2019”

  1. A treasure trail sounds like lots of fun ! The kids all look cosy wrapped up in their winter coats. I hope you get to finish the trail this weekend x #livingarrows

    1. We are planning too however we have been hit by snow now so who knows – snowball fight and snowmen instead… maybe!

  2. Oh I like the sound of the treasure trail! Monkey would be the same as Declan, its funny how they get into things though isn’t it. Have fun finishing it x

  3. It’s such a shame the weather wasn’t on your side but I love how they all reacted to the treasure trail! x

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