Living Arrows Feb 4th 2019

Wow, my Living Arrows Feb 4th post. This means it’s February already! I have no idea where time is going. Every week I link up with the Living Arrows post with What the Redhead Said. It is based on a quote by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.

Living Arrows Feb 4th post is all about learning new skills, or developing their skills. This week everything has been trying really hard to do green thinking. In school they are really promoting green thinking. Harry in particular has really tried to embrace it, consequently it’s helping at home too.


Lily has been embracing her writing skills and trying to write a book. She was busy earlier writing a plan. The prologue and Chapter 1 are finished and she’s made a start on chapter 2. Lily is very creative in so many ways. Her drawing is amazing, her book so far is pretty good and she’s currently planning her craft piece for the Eisteddfod. She is always looking for new ways to be creative.


Declan has had this bike for over a year. When we first got the bike it was too big for Declan. Finally he was big enough to ride it and it has been sat in the shed for about 6 months. Declan thought the bike was too big and refused to try. We finally got it out of the shed this weekend and he rode it like a pro – and enjoyed it too! He loves it makes him go faster.


Harry is very apprehensive with a lot of things at the minute. He hates it when I leave him and I think he is starting to suffer with a little anxiety. This is why I love the green thinking in school. It is making him think positive and think good things about himself. So this weekend we took his bike out – with the stabilisers on. We had a discussion and said that we would try without them. After school, with their bikes in the car I took them to the park whilst Lily was at her piano lesson. In that short 25 minutes that we had he could ride in a straight line without his stabilisers. I knew he could do it – he is amazing on his balance bike, and we have been practising with the stabilisers the past few weeks.

I am so proud of his perseverance. New things don’t come easy to him and spellings and reading are a challenge to him, but I cam slowly see his mindset changing.


Imogen is now out of the baby stage and is a toddler. I did wanted her picture to be of her baby walking but I can’t seem to get a clear photo. So instead I decided to chose this one of a trip to the park this weekend. She loves the ducks, and 5 little ducks is her favourite song. When we sing 5 little ducks she quacks along with it.

Imogen hasn’t been well again today. She has started with horrible nappies again and temperature. I’m really hoping it’s because of her teeth and not a bug.

So that’s our Living Arrows Feb 4th post – even if it is a little late

Living Arrows

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7 thoughts on “Living Arrows Feb 4th 2019”

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a positive week – we got my boys bikes for their birthdays last summer but they’ve hardly used them. I’m hoping we can encourage them to learn when the weather gets a bit better. #LivingArrows

  2. What a gorgeous little tribe you have! I’m so glad your week has been so productive — I dread bike riding making it’s appearance here, I haven’t ridden a bike in years! 🤣

  3. I love the expression on Declan’s face, he looks like he’s having a great time on his bike ! Well done to Harry too for giving his bike a go, I have a reluctant rider who won’t consider having the stabalisers off. Lily sounds like she’s very creative which is brilliant. I hope Imogen is feeling better soon. #livingarrows

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