Happy New Year!

We normally spend new years eve at home playing lots and lots of board games. This year we did things a little differently and we went to my Mums house to visit family for a few days instead. It finished off the Christmas holidays nicely, and it meant no cooking or washing up for 4 days! Bonus!

We travelled down and first met up with my cousins, we went out for lunch and just enjoyed spending time together without having to rush off to make sure we get back in time for work, or some extra curricular activity one of the children are taking part in. Just to enjoy the company and chat about anything and nothing all at the same time.

Then we arrived at Mum’s, and there was no xbox for them to play on, they still had their iPod’s and Lily had her phone but they have limits on them so aren’t allowed on them for long and was lovely to spend time playing games and doing a whole lot of nothing, we visited my nan who we don’t see enough of and I need to make more effort to visit more often.

Then new years eve arrived and again we just enjoyed spending time together, I found I have repeated myself a lot in this post but I think it is important for me to see how much time we miss the little things. I know I spend too much time on the computer already doing uni work and various other things and I need to set myself limits just as much as the children so we can all make sure we are spending quality time together rather than just time together where we may all be in the same room but we aren’t spending time together at all.

Unfortunately I was guilty of getting my phone out and we are huge fans of the snapchat filters – although until new years eve I had never posted a ‘snap’ just took the photo’s and saved them, Harry particularly enjoys them.

So from my family to yours. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you an amazing New Year!

Helen - FromMummytoMum

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