Getting fit and healthy

My body has always been a sore point for me. Well I say always there were times when I dieted and felt great about what I could wear but still wasn’t happy with what I was doing. So I’m hoping to get a bit fitter and healthier this year.

I don’t want to lose weight initially (although that will be a positive side effect) but what I want to try and tone up and be able to run around with the children without running out of breath.

Running I don’t find enjoyable, I wish I did but it’s just not for me. I would love to go to exercise classes or some type of keep fit class, but financially I can’t afford it but also I don’t have any spare time to be able to go to enough classes throughout the week for it to make a change.

What I do have is a membership to amazon prime and included on there is a variety of keep fit videos

Kickboxing is always something I have wanted to try and I thought I could start by following a video workout and then maybe in the future I could start a class and I would have a bit more knowledge of how to do the basic moves – and have more energy to be able to keep up with everyone else.

I have always loved the idea of Zumba and previously I have had a Zumba game for the playstation which I loved so when I saw that Zumba Awesome Legs & Booty System was also on Amazon prime it has also been added to my watch list.

Hopefully over the next month I will be able to fit at least 2/3 times a week even if for 10 minutes – I also want to charge my Fitbit and get back into the challenges and challenge myself too. I’ll be checking back in a month to see how I have got on.

Do you have any fitness goals for this year? Or even some hints and tips for me to make this transition a little easier!

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