Dear diary…

For Christmas Lily got a diary and we discussed what she would do with it. We ended up decided that she would write one thing that had happened in that day that she was happy about, enjoyed or proud of. I loved the idea so much that I decided to get the boys diaries too so that they could take part. We are going to read them out next New Years Eve to remember those little things that no doubt we will forget over the year.

Their diaries gave me an idea. Every Saturday morning I will write a post about some of the happiest and best moments of that week, my little diary of my happiest moments and in New Year I will add them all together to see how my year went.

Dear Diary… Sat 12th January 2019

I still can’t believe that this week Imogen turned one! I must have said this every day this week and I feel I am always repeating myself but I really cannot believe that we are now in 2019, I feel like I have blinked at 2018 disappeared. My highlight for this week is definitely Imogen’s birthday and her little party. Lily has had an amazing week this week and after going to a Church with her friend she has come back home a completely different child. She seems happier and more content and excited about everything going on in her life at the minute. Everyday in school last week teachers were complementing her on how neat her work was and how lovely her writing was and she has been really excited to come home and tell me how much the practice that she has been doing has paid off. The boys are getting used to being back in school and back to routine – meaning they are struggling with being tired!!

We booked France – well kind of, I have accidentally ended up booking the wrong campsite on Eurocamp. I have emailed them and hopefully we will be able to change our booking!!

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