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Today we met up with some friends to play adventure golf at Cheshire Oaks. Whilst we were there we went to Build a bear workshop for a birthday bear for Imogen. The boys of course wanted to spend their Christmas money there too.

After speaking to one of the lovely members of staff she got us a birthday bear and sticker for Imogen. Imogen started cuddling the teddy straight away and shouted at her sticker – I think she liked that too!

Harry chose a Chase teddy from Paw Patrol and Declan chose Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Once the teddies were chosen, it was time to stuff them. Harry and Declan love to chat and the poor woman couldn’t get a word in edge ways.

Everyone then had to follow some important instructions to build their bear. Rub the heart on your cheek for cheekiness. Kiss it for love. Rub it on your back so the bear will always have your back. Of course the boys rubbed their cheeks a lot – they wanted an extra cheeky build a bear.

The boys are already full of cheekiness anyway and definitely enjoyed the whole experience.

I have bought the boys a build a bear before but they have never been to make one themselves.

The hearts were placed inside of the teddies to give them lots of love – but not after making a wish.

Once we were all stitched and ready to pay we had an option to buy a £10 gift card for just £5. We were eligible to get three gift cards and as Lily was at a party at flip out we decided to get 3. She loves build a bear so we will come back with her another time.

With Imogen’s birthday bear we got a special bear for Count your candles where you pay the age you are up to 14 years old. So for Imogen’s first birthday she got her birthday bear for £1! As you can tell she loves her bear!!

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  1. I have never taken mine to build a bear before. It sounds like a fab activity and I am sure they would both love it! I will look into it although I always thought it was very expensive so will have to look into the idea they pay for their age!

    1. We have a build a bear outlet near us – they work out a lot cheaper – may be worth a look 🙂

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