Back to work!

So yesterday I had my first day back in work since having 12 days off over Christmas. It has been so hard to get back into routine. The early mornings – although I don’t start till 9 we haven’t been getting out of bed until 8.30-9.00 some mornings, so they have been hard to get back into. Luckily for me I only work three days, but alongside that I am also in my fifth year of a degree with open university. Then there is the usual four children and housework, which bring there own dramas with them too.

This is where I struggle – between working, housework and being a Mum I struggle to find time to be me and also a girlfriend – I suck at this. I don’t make enough time to spend time with Andrew or just to be by myself. I need to make sure that we are spending more time together especially with me being back in work now to!

Not only is it back to work this week but it is also Imogen’s first birthday tomorrow!! I have no idea where the past year has gone, it seems like just yesterday we were going to hospital to have her. Now she is here and no one can imagine life without her. So I am off to work and then when I finish I’ll be finishing her cake and hopefully I’ll be able to blog about it all tomorrow!

I promise I will stop with the Christmas pictures soon!!
Helen - FromMummytoMum

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