Yearly photos

A whole year has gone by already! I try to take as many pictures throughout the year as I can but I am going to make more of an effort to take more pictures of not only the children but the places around us too. We need to try and visit two new places every month, whether it be outdoors for a walk or somewhere with the National Trust just something new to see and new experiences for the children to take part in too. I’m hoping our Saturday afternoons – after Lily goes to academy – can be spent doing family things.

Back to the purpose of this post, I take pictures in January every year – since 2014 – with a slight mishap in 2017 where I have had to crop other pictures as for some reason I never took the pictures on their own only in groups. The pictures are lovely to look back through and see how they have changed and last night we went through them together and the children laughed so much when they realised how much they had changed.


Twenty Nineteen

Lily has achieved so much this year, I have seen a huge change in her attitudes towards everything, she is polite, well mannered, well behaved and has an incredible sense of self, which I love. Not only is she excelling academically but she has a passion for music and drama which she is completely enthralled in. She has gained distinction in both her first piano exam and musical theatre exam which she has only been learning since Easter. Her confidence has grown in herself and this is where I feel she has progressed the most.

Lily is a very mature 10 year old and not always on the same path as her friends and this year she has gained the confidence to be on her own, to find someone else to play with and to explore her own self. She has made the decision to become Vegan and educates herself everyday with new things she wants to learn. I can only hope that she doesn’t lose herself as she makes the step into year 6 and then onto high school.


Twenty Nineteen

Declan has grown up so quickly over this year, his attitude towards both himself and others around him has developed greatly. He still gets frustrated and annoyed when things don’t go his way but he deals with them in a much better way majority of the time. Declan is thriving in school and loving learning with his new teacher and excelling in all areas but especially in Maths.

He is thoroughly enjoying playing football and no matter what happens he always tries his best to help his team. He tells me often that he isn’t the best player on the pitch for the matches, and that he will be a sub but it doesn’t stop him going every week to training and matches to support his teammates and has even managed to get trainer of the week on many occasions and man of the match one week too by scoring two goals. I hope he continues to believe in himself as much as I believe in him.


Twenty Nineteen

Harry has physically changed so much this past year. He has lost his baby face and become a little boy, which is super scary. For so long Harry was my baby (he always will be) but he no longer looks like my baby anymore. School hasn’t always been easy for him, but he is doing so well in school and adjusted well to be going to school full time. Now he is in Year 1 and is doing really well with his reading and like his big brother and sister is excelling in Maths too – when he can be bothered.

Harry has a very short attention span and unfortunately doesn’t believe in himself. He doesn’t believe he can read as well, or do his spellings and as soon as he has it in his head that he can’t do it he will refuse to try anymore. I hope that over this next year I can try and help him believe in himself a little more. He will quite often say that he hates himself and it’s not the case, he is only 6 years old so he can say things that he doesn’t mean, but it doesn’t mean I am going to brush it under the carpet! I want to make sure that he knows how much we love him and that he can do whatever he sets his heart to do.


Twenty Nineteen

What a year Imogen has had. Obviously I don’t have pictures from years previous to 2018 so I thought I’d add some extra ones to the first ‘official’ yearly photo. Imogen’s first year has been so eventful. For the first few months she struggled to put weight on and didn’t regain her birth weight as easily as she should have, so after seeing a feeding specialist she was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie. So after her tongue tie was clipped and we readjusted our latch she was feeding much easier and began to put weight on. Then weaning began and there was no stopping her then. Imogen loves food, specifically pasta but I haven’t found a food yet that she doesn’t like.

We call her our little vampire baby as she has two bottom teeth and then two fangs at the top, there are no front teeth yet. Her character is enchanting and keeps us all entertained everyday. she makes us laugh so much with her quirky little ways and there is nothing we love more than kisses and cuddles. I am excited (and scared) to see what this year will bring for Imogen as this year she will begin to toddle, talk and the dreaded temper tantrums which I’m sure will bring a lot more fun with them too.

So that is a quick yearly round up for me to look back on year after year to see how they changed, what they were doing or something special about them that I may forget as I get older but this way I’ll be able to remember the best bits.

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