Wicked Wednesday – Jan 21st

I love Wicked Wednesday’s! It’s a great way to embarrass our kids hahaha!!

I joined in with Weekend Style this week for the first time and I had a blast getting the kids dressed up in my favourite of their clothes, I don’t think that Lily and Declan were too happy though… anyone think it may have been a little cold?a

wicked wednesday


Lily “MUUUUUUUUUUM! I’m cold, why do I have to take a picture!!”

I did manage to get some happy smiley photos it wasn’t all bad!! But I love the outtakes just as much as the actual photos.

Linking up with Brummy Mummy of 2 for Wicked Wednesdays

24 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Jan 21st

  1. Oh aren’t they adorable!! You’re a lucky lady. I keep meaning to find the time to get these linkies set up and things always get in the way. It’s my goal over the next week (or two!). xx

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