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Some people may have already read my blog a few years ago – I’m not expecting anyone to remember it! Well recently my daughter has started a little blog and she got me thinking about getting back into it to. I was the best parent I could possibly be when I was blogging, I was making sure we were going out, crafting as often as we could, baking, and most importantly I was capturing it all. I have found that the past 2 years have flown by and I have taken hardly any pictures, I’ve disconnected with most of my friends and as much as we are all still doing the fun stuff at home and getting out I fear that we won’t remember it all if I’m not capturing these magical moments. Since deciding to start blogging I have already had the actual camera out twice and planning more, so it is definitely working.

I hope to share some of the pictures with you tomorrow but for now I will introduce us all.

Firstly I’m Helen, the Mummy/Mum depending on which child is shouting me. I love everything about being a Mummy and definitely my favourite thing to do, I work as a nursery nurse and I love to bake, craft, explore, camp and I’m a bit of a Harry Potter nerd.

My partner is Andrew, Daddy to my youngest baby. He is a swimming teacher in a school and private and group lessons outside of school hours, luckily he’s a Harry Potter fan too otherwise I would look super silly. He also loves football (especially Liverpool), loves movies, FIFA, and spending as much time together as work allows.

Lily is my eldest and she is 9 years old and currently obsessed with Harry Potter, (can you see a pattern??) unicorns, reading, The Greatest Showman, singing, dancing, acting, anything musical and at present blogging.

Declan is 8 years old and loves Pokemon, star wars, minecraft, football (Liverpool and Wales especially), reading, playing on his iPod, minecraft, giving cuddles, minecraft, lego ninjago, watching youtube, playing on xbox, and did I say minecraft?

Harry is 5 years old and loves Paw Patrol, Blaze, Peppa, playing on the xbox, wrestling (much to my disgust), football (again Liverpool and Wales which is great as no arguing over which team is better), watching youtube and snuggles with Mummy.

Imogen is the new baby of the house and she is just 3 months old! She has settled in amazingly after a few issues in the first few weeks with feeding, hopefully we are back on track now (I will write a post about this soon). She loves to smile, stand on her feet and being held and fed all the time (not that I’m complaining).

So that’s a little bit about all of us! Looking forward to getting to know some fellow bloggers!

Helen - FromMummytoMum

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