We have a poorly baby

Imogen has been poorly since Monday. I’m not sure exactly what’s wrong but she has had horrendous dirty nappies, cough, snotty nose and super clingy. This is resulting in her feeding a lot more than she normally would.

I think it’s her teeth causing her trouble. She has her two bottom teeth, and two of her top teeth. But not the normal top teeth she has her fangs first.

This picture was taken on her first Birthday covered in cake. You can clearly see her teeth here!

So I’m hoping she has her top two teeth coming through but it may also be a bug.

Poorly girl but still trying to smile
Even though she’s not happy shes still trying to smile!
*with a snotty nose*

With the snotty smiles comes little cat naps. Imogen hasn’t slept much in the day, ever. However, recently she has been taking a nap after lunch for 1-2 hours. This week, since being poorly, she has been having a nap in the morning around 10 for 20 minutes and then another around 3-4 for an hour. Also with the extra feeds she’s been dozing then too.

Our poorly baby girl sleeping
Sleeping beauty

We have been using calpol every four hours to try and keep her happy. She certainly lets us know when the four hours are nearly up she starts to get cranky again!

I hope she starts to feel better soon. It’s horrible to see her uncomfortable. Especially the cough at night time.

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