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Well if I could sum up my time management skills in one word would be rubbish. I have always struggled with time management from being in school. I would always leave my assignments till last minute, packing bags for holidays, and now I am still the exact same. As much as try to plan and write list after list I find it never gets fully completed. There is always something that gets left on there forever been unticked.

This week blogging has been on my list everyday and I never get time to do it. So today whilst Imogen sleeps and the big kids are at school and straight to their dads I have been busy pinning ways to improve my time management skills. Most of them are writing lists and ticking things off that list, but it’s not a list of everything you need or want to do, they are smaller lists that are manageable that are made in the morning.

This one in particular I am aiming to try this week. In the morning i will write my list which will take just 5 minutes and I will aim to cross everything off everyday.

I’m currently on maternity leave however I am also chair of the PTA in school, doing my 4th year of university course, trying to fit in as much time as possible being a mum as well as other things that I want to do for myself my time management skills really need improving.

What are your time managment skills like? Do you have any tips for me?

Helen - FromMummytoMum

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