Exam stress!!

Things have been super quiet on the blog recently!! I have an exam on Friday to end my 2nd year of my uni course and it is a major stress right now! I have hardly read half of the books and I really need to crack on with the revising and there has been a half term since my last post on our Bank Holiday Weekend fun! I have a few posts that I have started and need to finish and I just need to get this exam out the way then I will be back finishing those posts and lots more!!

For now I will get back to the books!!


It was all going so well…

I have been on a high, a huge happy high! Everything had been going really well (maybe too well) and everything was all good, until this past week, more importantly today…

I don’t know how to explain it, or even explain why it is happening especially as up until today everything was good, but the more I think about it the more I realise that it has actually been building up and I have just been trying to squish it down as to not let it bother me. Today started off with me waking up with a tension headache, which by the end of the day I realise was due to stress.

Firstly, I have booked a lot of fun things for the Easter Holidays for the kids and us including, Frozen sing along and Disney on Ice both in Birmingham and we are going to stay with family for 10 days. Unfortunately hubby’s work haven’t allowed him the time off, so I am so annoyed that for the two weeks that the kids get off hubby will not see them for 10 days of it!! I am so so gutted for him and for us as a family, it is going to be horrible.

I have been asked by the headteacher of the children’s school to become the chairperson of the PTA but the current chairperson doesn’t know and I don’t think she wants to step down. She is Declan’s friends mum and he is in the same class as Declan so I don’t want their to be any animosity between us but on the other hand I am really excited about this opportunity. I hate confrontation, I will talk the talk to close friends and family but they and I know that I would never do anything to intentionally upset anyone, so that has been playing on my mind for the past week.

I had a driving lesson this morning and nothing went right, my niece recently had her test and failed and that has been on my mind, I am worrying about everything and anything and not concentrating on what I am doing and I just haven’t got a clue what went wrong, I wasn’t thinking about the driving, I was just in a little world of my own.

I know it is just a one off (I hope) but I beat myself up so bad, it was the worst thing ever and I hated driving for the first time ever! I am hoping that Friday is a much better experience, especially as I will be going away for 10 days and not going into a car so I really want to finish on a high this week and try my bloody hardest to get it!

With my little vent over, I am hoping I wake up in the morning with no headache and back to my normal self!