Ill children and working!

Last Friday night I was woken by Harry screaming, I ran in and picked him up and he was so hot, I have never known his temperature ever be that high, or any of the others for that matter! I gave him paracetamol and in my bed with just his blanket, I didn’t have the thermometer, I have no idea where it has gone in the move. Saturday I went and bought a new one and checked his temperature straight away and it was 38.5!! So since Saturday he has been having ibuprofen and paracetamol alternated every 2 hours but I couldn’t get his temperature below 38. I knew he was ok and the fever was fighting any infection he may have but Tuesday his temp rose to 39.5 and he wasn’t due any medicine for another hour. Doctors appoinment made and turns out he has an ear infection poor little man. Tuesday adgternoon Declan was also sent home ill from school after being sick in the reception, and Wednesday I was due back in work, I know I only work three half days a week, but when one of my children is ill at home there is nothing I want to do more than to stay home and cuddling them all day and to have to leave them both yesterday (although Declan was perfectly fine) was horrible.

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Sickness, Tonsillitis and Red Nose Day!

Firstly Happy Red Nose Day!

red nose day 1
The children got to wear their own clothes for £1 and buy a red nose – Harry wouldn’t wear one but my cousin photoshopped him a red nose hehe! Harry had to wear fancy dress!


So if you read my post from Monday you would know that our weekend was very busy, and Declan had caught a sickness bug, so Monday and Tuesday both children weren’t in school as Lily had tonsillitis too, she suffers really bad with it and has been to the doctors twice in three months with her throat, I hope it starts to settle down as she gets older. Then Tuesday night I got the sickness bug, and bless Lily she was acting Mum for me as hubby was in work and she read the boys a story for me! So cute!

Then I got tonsillitis Wednesday 🙁 and yesterday I didn’t stop all day. I went to a pilates class with physiotherapy department to try and strengthen my back then I went to help out with the garden clear up at the playgroup (where I am a volunteer secretary), then home for a quick dinner before heading back out for reading at the kids school. Then Lily had a haircut after school, and then off to weight watchers (where I only gained 1/2 lb in two weeks 😀 And still 1/2lb under goal!) The evening was gone before I knew it!

Then Friday came, I had a driving lesson this morning, then I had to go and get canvas’ to make mothers day presents from the children and then back to school for reading and when we got home we played, had tea then we made some biscuits to decorate whilst we watched Red Nose Day! These stories are heartbreaking, it is so upsetting and even more upsetting when you have the kids snuggled up next to you in a nice warm house, with clothes, shoes, food, probably a lot more food than we actually need a week, and everything else that we have for birthdays and Christmas’ then you realise how upsetting it is that these children are going without!

These are the biscuits we made!

Harry just tried to put as much icing on as he possibly could – haha it worked 😉

red nose day 2

Declan worked super hard with his piping bless him!

red nose day 3

Lily kept sneaking tastes 😉

red nose day 4

Declan’s biscuits – Super proud of his interpretations of those nose!

red nose day 5

These are Lilys – again totally awesome!

red nose day 6

And mine! Any guesses on which one?

red nose day 7

Funny Faces for Comic Relief!! red nose day 8


So I have a complete disaster blogging week this week, I have missed Living Arrows, I have missed my general posts and I have totally missed blogging. Hopefully I will be back again tomorrow – with lots of catch up posts 😉