Gullivers World – Warrington!

With the big kiddies off camping I decided to take Harry and my nephew to Gullivers World. I took the big two last year and they absolutely loved it but Harry was a little too small then to go, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

As the kids were smaller than 90cm we didn’t have to pay for them and I ordered my tickets online and I paid £26 for an all inclusive ticket and for that we got the entrance fee, a meal, a drink and an ice cream. When we got there we paid for the children to become all inclusive too which was £9 and they also received a £1 voucher off any purchase in the shop.

So once we had paid the extra and headed in we went straight to the rides! The first few were the cups, an aeroplane ride, a train ride and a barrel ride.

gullivers 1
As you can tell Harry (and Cian my nephew although I haven’t included his pictures) are having an amazing time on the rides!

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Summer Holidays so far!

The Summer Holidays aren’t what I expected them to be! I had so many plans for this year and so many things I wanted to do but unfortunately things don’t work out how we wanted them too!

Week 1 – 18th JUL – 24th JUL

Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday were all pretty quiet, we were packing and getting ready for going away for our first anniversary! My cousins had the children and they went to Drayton Manor and Cadbury World whilst we went out for a lovely all you can eat chinese and to The Glee Club afterwards to watch the comedy carousel and it was such an amazing night! Friday we went to the cinema to watch Inside Out.

Week 2 – 25th JUL – 31st JUL

Saturday on the way home we went to the Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire which was a lovely and then on the way home my whole world was turned upside down, Dan decided that he no longer wanted to be with me that he was no longer happy with me, the next two days were a total blur and I did nothing but cry, then Monday night it was as if a light switched on and I realised I had two choices, I could sit at home and mope about – which believe me I could quite easily have done – or I could get off my backside and make something of myself. I had to step up for me and for my three amazing kids and I needed to show them that I was ok! I didn’t want them to dislike their dad in the slightest and I knew that moping about and them seeing that would paint him in a bad light, so I stepped up and sorted myself out. We watched movies, and enjoyed time together!!

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We’re off on a holiday…

…and by holiday I totally mean a family get away to visit more family and do lots and lots of fun things!!!

Me, Lily, Declan and Harry are due to get on a train at 9am tomorrow morning!! I am totally gutted that Hubby can’t get anytime off from work to come with us, but everything we are doing I had already paid for so there was no point in us not going, and it helps that what we are doing is going to watch Disney on Ice there is no way I could not take the kids!

So tomorrow we are on the train to visit my cousin, Sunday we are going to watch Frozen sing a long, on Monday we are off to the Snowdome then on Wednesday we move onto my Mums. Then we are spending the week there and on Saturday we are going to watch Disney on Ice and travelling back home on the train on Monday ready to see Daddy and see what the Easter bunny has planned!

Then the 2nd week will be full of fun together as a family as we would have missed Daddy lots and lots!!

I am taking my tablet so hoping to be able to share with you all and keep up with some posts, but if not then I shall be busy catching up with everything that we have been doing!

I am so excited for the children as I know they will love it!!

Out and About: Trains and Beach

This week with the older ones back in school me and Harry went out with my friend and her son, who Harry loves, to visit a beautiful little place with a miniature railway – Harry loves trains so he was so excited the whole way there – probably a little over excited. But we can’t leave the bigger ones out now can we, we went for a lovely walk along the beach on Friday after school – I was meant to write this post last night, but then I realised I was up at 6.30 ready for the Eisteddfod so ended up going to bed!

Out  and About

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Out and About: Half Term Edition

This half term we have spent a lot of time together as a family 🙂 It has been amazing, Hubby booked the week off work so it has been a lot of family time and I have loved every second of it. I am not looking forward to him going back to work tomorrow 🙁

We have spent time indoors, baking, making our own t-shirts and watching films but we have tried to get out too 🙂

Out  and About

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Living Arrows – Week 5

Wow week 5 already I can’t believe how quickly this year is going. I am loving looking at everybody’s posts for Living Arrows , not only do I get to see how each child or family are developing but also get to know people and get to know things that I wouldn’t even think to ask. The blogging community is amazing (so far 😉 ) and I love Living Arrows for linking so many blogs with one main focus.

This week has been pretty good. It started with a horrible cough for me, but as parents we recover quickly, although I must have mentioned this cough so many times on the blog that people are getting fed up of reading it – but I get no sympathy at home so need to find it from somewhere. Since the weekend though things have been great, lots of walking and lots of fun!


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Jumping in Muddy Puddles!

Jumping up and down in muddy puddles has to be Declan’s favourite thing to do. So on Thursday when we were thinking of where to go for a walk we decided on a walk to the castle as there are a lot of holes in the road and as it has been raining there would be plenty of jumping opportunities. Lily enjoys a walk no matter where we go and poor little Harry doesn’t have much choice at the minute, and Milo is happy as long as he is out and about.

Harry and Milo are both getting so much more inquisitive when we are out. They love to explore and look around. Milo caught a glimpse of the goats and went off to explore, Harry tried following him!

muddy puddles 1

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Geocaching for the first time!

I love to get out with the kids whenever we get chance, but it can get boring going to the same places for the same things everytime, more so for me than the kids. So when I read about geocaching a few months back I knew I wanted to try it with my kids.

So I headed of to google to find out what I could find, this is what it came up with!

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Happy Party Day!

So we had a little tea party on Friday after school on Harry’s actual birthday, but then on Sunday we had a party for family and friends to come round.

I didn’t take many pictures – which is totally not like me at all!! In fact, apart from taking ones of him blowing out his candles I didn’t take any 🙁 But luckily I got Dan on the case and told him to take them on his phone whilst I was cooking. So we did manage to get some 🙂

For food, I thought it would be a good idea to do chicken nuggets and chips with jelly and ice cream for pudding, some cupcakes, his main cake and a few biscuits. Little did I know that trying to serve chips and nuggets hot is impossible without missing the party 🙁 Also the morning of the party I remembered that two of our guests are vegetarian, and really wouldn’t be happy with chicken nuggets, so I sent Dan to Tesco to get some pizza’s and vegi burgers – which went down a treat so thankful that I remembered when I did!

Here are the cupcakes, cake and jelly – I didn’t take a photo of the biscuits, but they were the same as the number 2 on his cake 😀


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