Start as you mean to go on!

I can’t believe it has been six months since I last wrote a post and what a turn around these last six months have been!! I couldn’t have asked for a better end to 2016 which has continued to be a great start to 2017.

New start new beginnings
This is what happened, and my new start began here!

Just 3 weeks after writing that last post I met someone new, someone who liked me who I liked back! I never ever thought I that it would happen but it did. After worrying about Lily’s birthday weekend with her going away with her dad, I went on a lovely weekend away to Blackpool with my new partner. So I was expecting to be sad and lonely and counting down the seconds until the children returned. However I wasn’t sad or lonely. I was still counting down the seconds until my babies returned but I knew they were having a fantastic time, and so was I.

To re-start the blog or not?

I’m still deciding on whether or not I will continue to blog. I have had the most amazing six months and I have no idea where to start blogging again, or if I have the time, or even what I would blog about now??!

I have also restarted my degree, so I have completed two essays for that and have another two to complete to pass my 3rd year out of six. So there is a lot going good at the minute, I just don’t want to jinx it!!


Harry is doing fantastic after starting school this year and he absolutely loves it and he has finally been tested for allergies and he is allergic to egg and house mites!!


Declan is loving his football every week and still hates anything to do with reading and homework (most of the time).


Lily has just restarted her gymnastics again after moving clubs and has been twice so far and absolutely loving it. She is still loving to read and everything else that live throws at her.

So there is a little update on where we are all at! Lets hope that this year is the best year yet!!

Fun family day out at RSPB at the start of 2017
Fun family day out at RSPB

Family [F]oto Friday – February

So in January I decided that I would take a family photo on the first Friday of every month (or from that week) and share it so at the end of the year I will have 12 photos of all of us to see how we have all changed over the year. I hate having my picture taken so I thought it was about time that I got infront of the camera with my family too!

And so Family [F]oto Friday was born!

So here we are first Friday of February and I took some pictures after tea tonight. After Lily had been gymnastics and still in her leotard, faces hadn’t been washed and Declan still had his uniform on 🙂

Family Foto Friday February

Couple of outtakes and another of my favourites of us all!

FFF02Feb outtakes

Family Walk to the beach

This morning we decided that we would go for a walk through the park and onto the beach to get some pebbles that Harry could paint in the week and we could have a walk along the beach, little play on the park there then back home ready for Dan going to work.

So we walked there all excited to go and play in the sand and when we got there the tide was in 🙁 So we played on the little fitness park first, of course Daddy had to show them how 😉


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Family Photos!

I hate having my photo taken with a passion. I love taking photos, being behind the camera and capturing anything that I can! But I hate having my photo taken, but I love to have a nice family photo! So with this in mind, I put my face on, brush my hair and off we went to the park!

I let the kids play for a while to get rid of their excess energy and excitement from being in the park whilst I looked around for a nice background for my family photo!

As I have lost the tiny piece that goes into my tripod to attach my camera to the tripod I couldn’t use it! So I settled for a bench and my camera bag to balance it on to make it the right height, but please don’t follow these steps at home! How my camera didn’t fall I have no idea! So I did a few test shots with just the kids (Dan gets bored VERY easily!) As you can see I got the positioning of everything all wrong to start with!


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