Driving Test!

So this week I have had my driving test!!

Exactly two months after my very first lesson I was getting into my instructors car getting ready for my driving test, the test that could say whether I could drive on my own or not!

The night before I had an early night (and many nights before that my poor neglected blog) and I slept amazingly apart from a really freaky dream!! My instructor was picking me up at 9 for an hours lesson before going in for the test at 10:44. Whilst I was waiting for him to arrive I went into the garden and read a book, the next thing I know its 10:15!!!!! I ran outside to find my instructor sat in a bright blue wagon type thing, the car I drive is white. I asked him why he hadn’t knocked on and he said he was just letting me do my thing, then went on to inform me that we had to go to the garage before going for the test, so we went to the garage and then got into his car and to the test centre just in time, then I woke up.

Strangely the morning of the test my instructor said he would be about 5 minutes late he was going to wash and check the car, he knocks on my house and say that one of his tyres had a puncture so we had to go to the garage get another one on and then we had to go back after an hour to get the spare put back in the car. So we got to the test centre in time and managed a good practice around town. Throughout the whole time I was so chilled and calm it didn’t quite seem right, and all the way to the test centre I was calm too, and drove almost alone – instructor was in the car but he didn’t have to say anything to me at all I just seemed to know what I was doing, no thinking about it, no over thinking anything. Just getting on with it!! As if a penny had dropped and was telling me you are so ready for this!!

So we get to the test centre and there are five others already there so we had to pull onto the road as there were no spaces and we went into the waiting room. There were six of us waiting for five examiners!! One of us wouldn’t be taking out test, four instructors came in and said the names of four of the candidates and there was me and another young man left, the final instructor came in and said my name PHEW!! Panic over! So we did the sight test – no problem, and I had to answer two questions – show me was how do the washers work, and tell me was how do you know that the ABS isn’t working – wooo I knew those ones, then off to drive the test.

I drove down roads that I have never drove down before, a lot of it was all new, I had to drive up a hill – making sure that I was in 2nd gear to do it, and then on the way back I got reverse left round a corner – MY WORST MANOEUVRE!!!! I knew I would get it though as I have been asking my instructor to keep going over it again and again and again, so part of me knew I was getting reverse left, I DID IT!!!! No minors on that woo!! Was so pleased!

Then we came to the end when he is adding up all his little marks!


I passed!!! I got 12 minors so high, but I still passed!!!!!!


Yes I’m kind of a big deal on my blog šŸ˜‰

It was all going so well…

I have been on a high, a huge happy high! Everything had been going really well (maybe too well)Ā and everything was all good, until this past week, more importantly today…

I don’t know how to explain it, or even explain why it is happening especially as up until today everything was good, but the more I think about it the more I realise that it has actually been building up and I have just been trying to squish it down as to not let it bother me. Today started off with me waking up with a tension headache, which by the end of the day I realise was due to stress.

Firstly, I have booked a lot of fun things for the Easter Holidays for the kids and us including, Frozen sing along and Disney on Ice both in Birmingham and we are going to stay with family for 10 days. Unfortunately hubby’s work haven’t allowed him the time off, so I am so annoyed that for the two weeks that the kids get off hubby will not see them for 10 days of it!! I am so so gutted for him and for us as a family, it is going to be horrible.

I have been asked by the headteacher of the children’s school to become the chairpersonĀ of the PTA but the current chairperson doesn’t know and I don’t think she wants to step down. She is Declan’s friends mum and he is in the same class as Declan so I don’t want their to be any animosity between us but on the other hand I am really excited about this opportunity. I hate confrontation, I will talk the talk to close friends and family but they and I know that I would never do anything to intentionally upset anyone, so that has been playing on my mind for the past week.

I had a driving lesson this morning and nothing went right, my niece recently had her test and failed and that has been on my mind, I am worrying about everything and anything and not concentrating on what I am doing and I just haven’t got a clue what went wrong, I wasn’t thinking about the driving, I was just in a little world of my own.

I know it is just a one off (I hope) but I beat myself up so bad, it was the worst thing ever and I hated driving for the first time ever! I am hoping that Friday is a much better experience, especially as I will be going away for 10 days and not going into a car so I really want to finish on a high this week and try my bloody hardest to get it!

With my little vent over, I am hoping I wake up in the morning with no headache and back to my normal self!

Theory Test Second attempt!

So I have just realised I haven’t posted about my theory test!

My first attemptĀ didn’t go so well. I failed, on the hazard perception part of the test by just THREE POINTS!!! I think that made it worse, I think if I had really failed at least it would be kind of worth paying again to retake, but three measly points, thats just clicking the mouse 1 second faster on 1 clip… I was determined to pass second time round. I couldn’t afford not too! I couldn’t really afford the Ā£25 fee everytime!

So I rebooked my theory test and it was at 9 in the morning, so at least I could get it out of the way instead of worrying about it all day. So I signed in, they handed me the rules to read – I politely declined, they then knew I was one of those… one of those who had to retake their test!! So I put all my things in the locker and get ready to go into the room that has just eight computers all divided by the horrible blue dividers that the naughty kids used to get sent to work in between at school so they wouldn’t distract anyone, and I said down on computer number six. The exact same computer as last time.


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Happy Days #11

This week has been super happy! I have started driving lessons which has been so much fun, and I am enjoying it so much more than I thought I would! You can view all of my Happy Days Posts if you wish šŸ™‚ To see what we have been doing each week to make us happy šŸ™‚

And off we go…

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Magic Moments: First Driving Lesson

So as the title suggests I had my first official driving lesson this morning. After my disappoint from failing my theory testĀ and my failed attempt of going out in my friends car after stalling, judderingĀ and other things it was safe to say I wasn’t looking forward to it. I am hugely competitive with myself, and when things don’t go well or I can’t do something I get frustrated, and let’s face getting frustrated when driving isn’t really a good idea. So nervous, apprehensive and a tad bit excited to see what was going to happen I went on my driving lesson.


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Theory Test

So the past few days I haven’t blogged, and it’s not because I don’t want to I have been super busy working on stuff for other people and revising for my Theory Test.

I downloaded a trial of two apps for my Linx Windows tablet and the highway code. All in preparation for revising and I have worked super hard as I really want to pass my test. Driving is a necessity now really, my family live 2 hours away and my dad only has a 5 seater car – like the normal sized car which means he can’t come and get us to take us back so for us to be able to see the family without it costing me a fortune in train fare every time we need to get a car. Also on weekends I am limited with where I can go with the three kids and buses an absolute nightmare (and pretty expensive too) so it will just open up a whole new world for me and the kids.


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