Birthdays as a mum

With my birthday just 2 weeks away I have been thinking about my birthday as a mum and that it is so much different than when I was a child, or even when I was an adult pre babies!! I used to look forward to my birthday, having a day where I got completely spoilt and waited on hand and foot – now I have three little people that demand attention throughout the day too and make me do things for them πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t have it any other way and I know the other 364 days of the year would be completely boring without them – plus the extra cash that we used to spend on our birthdays now goes on three other special birthdays throughout the year so it is just impossible to do something. But I do still spoil hubby on his birthday – he does so much for us and he works hard for me to be able to stay at home with the kids and never asks for anything in return so I do like to spoil him with little tea parties on his birthday and little gifts.

Although birthdays are different, they seem to be that extra but more special! Lily is super creative and every year she will come out of school the last school day before my birthday and say “You can’t look in my bag today mum” and the morning of my birthday I will always wake up to breakfast in bed (whatever we have in the cupboard that the kids what to make for me – with hubby of course) and that special card that Lily has made specially for me in school it makes my morning. Then normally hubby is in work and the kids are in school and my day continues as normal – there is the odd occasion that it is on the weekend but hubby still works so it is just like a normal day but of course I have the kids at home too!

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Happy 5th Birthday [party] Declan!

This weekend has been spent baking, crafting, creating and more importantly partying so yes my little loves, happy days and my 365 posts will be late! I will be writing them all this afternoon hopefully – if I don’t get distracted!!

Declan is now 5!! It is his birthday today and he has gone to school armed with badges and a birthday cake with the welsh dragon on it for him and his friends to share. He can’t wait to show them all his cake.

Yesterday we had his birthday party, and almost everything went according to plan, we had a few changes and I ended up having a cake made rather than me making it as I knew I wouldn’t have the time, and one of the games we changed a little but everyone had an amazing day πŸ˜€ And so did I!!

birthday party

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Busy Busy Busy!!

After school on Friday my Dad came and picked me and the kids up and drove us 2 hours to his and my mums house where we spent the weekend with them and my sister for my gorgeous little nieces 3rd birthday party. We had a lovely but really busy weekend and as you can tell the blog has suffered. I full intended to get my posts written (Happy Days, Little Loves, The week that was captured, Photo challenge (which I haven’t even done). But on the way home Declan was sick in the car three times, I assumed it was travel sickness as both Lily and Declan suffer with it. Since getting home he has since been sick every hour, the last time being half an hour ago.. I’m not holding my breath that that was the last time either.

So my plans have certainly not gone to plan as I took the laptop to mums to blog at night time but by the time the kids got settled, I was too tired to do anything.

It has been a lovely weekend away from everything technology though, so in the morning whilst Declan sleeps off his illness, Harry and Lily are at school I will be trying to catch up as I can’t wait to read back on those posts through out the year!

Busy sleeping whilst I try and blog
Busy sleeping whilst I try and blog, he will be up soon again probably πŸ™



Planning a 5th Birthday Party!

So I started writing this post last night, well I say writing I had the Add New Post page loaded for about 3 hours before even looking at the page, by that time it was nearing midnight and I thought there is no point in writing it now I was getting tired and things just weren’t making any sense. So here we are Wednesday morning, almost bright eyed and bushy tailed and getting down to planning Declan’s 5th Birthday Party!

I have no idea where these last 5 years have gone, well I do but I didn’t realise that they would fly by so fast. When I first had Lily, and even after having Declan and Harry too people would say to me

Cherish them whilst they are little they won’t be babies for long

More so after having Lily I would think, how can a year go by quickly, its a whole year! Oh my how wrong was I. That is now the advise I give to all parents, with their first I simply say just enjoy that time it is gone before you know it. When its a second, third or even a forth baby, its more of a conversation starter, less “Make sure you cherish it” and more “Doesn’t it time go by so quick, we have to make sure we enjoy every second” But I am glad people gave me that advice, it opened my eyes to those tiny little moments that we can sometimes miss in the hustle bustle of everyday life. After reading Maria’s post fromΒ Collecting MomentsΒ about taking everything in just proves my point πŸ™‚

Anyway onto the birthday plans. So the birthday boy has asked for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme – so last night when I should have been making his invitations I was looking for more ideas intending to blog them all last night but I got distracted with new ideas about what to do. The only thing he has asked for is a bouncy castle and some surprises!

party planning

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Happy Party Day!

So we had a little tea party on Friday after school on Harry’s actual birthday, but then on Sunday we had a party for family and friends to come round.

I didn’t take many pictures – which is totally not like me at all!! In fact, apart from taking ones of him blowing out his candles I didn’t take any πŸ™ But luckily I got Dan on the case and told him to take them on his phone whilst I was cooking. So we did manage to get some πŸ™‚

For food, I thought it would be a good idea to do chicken nuggets and chips with jelly and ice cream for pudding, some cupcakes, his main cake and a few biscuits. Little did I know that trying to serve chips and nuggets hot is impossible without missing the party πŸ™ Also the morning of the party I remembered that two of our guests are vegetarian, and really wouldn’t be happy with chicken nuggets, so I sent Dan to Tesco to get some pizza’s and vegi burgers – which went down a treat so thankful that I remembered when I did!

Here are the cupcakes, cake and jelly – I didn’t take a photo of the biscuits, but they were the same as the number 2 on his cake πŸ˜€


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