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Why can’t our babies stay babies? I ask myself this question all the time, when Lily is doing her times tables, when Declan is reading his book to me and when Harry is coming out with so many more words I can’t believe that it was 6 years ago that I was holding Lily in my arms, 4 years since Declan came along and just 2 years ago since Harry joined our crazy little family but it seems like I have just blinked an eye and the years have flown by. Now it is time for Harry to start playgroup in preparation for starting school and I just want my babies back. I love to see them grown don’t get me wrong, and seeing what fantastic personalities they have and how quickly they are learning new things, but this means we are a step closer to them gaining more independence – Lily now always wants to make her own juice!!!!!! I’m not even allowed to make her a drink anymore – until she wants a hot chocolate 😉

Just thinking about Harry starting brings back memories for when Lily and Declan started. When they turned 3 they both started the welsh playgroup Cylch. They both loved it and it gave them a great start to speak Welsh as we don’t speak a lot of it at home – and when we do it is basics – Dan and I thought it would be a good idea to send them to the play group. On Lily’s first day she ran in, she wasn’t even bothered that we were leaving her, she was quite happy to go off and play, I went away came back 2.5 hrs later and she was still as happy, never had a problem.

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Declan was exactly the same he was happy enough going in, really excited actually as he had seen Lily going there for a year and would have happily stayed with her every time.

starting playgroup

Now the ‘rules’ as such have slightly changed and now we are living in a Flying Start area and children aged 2 and over are now entitled to 10 hours free childcare a week. I’m still not sure if I am 100% happy with him going away from me for 10 hours a week. I love having him at home and spending time with him but we took him along to see if he would like it, if not we would leave it a few days. I took him in and the staff we lovely and he stayed and played for the whole session. Then we went on Wednesday and he wasn’t as keen! He cried a little but the issue was he wanted to play and not go and sit in the Library to do singing in the morning. The leader said he cried for about 5 minutes then he was fine all morning. Not that you would think he likes going from this photo!! I need to try and get a new one of him tomorrow in his little uniform.


It’s a day off today so we went swimming this morning and he loves swimming so was lovely to see him really enjoying himself 🙂 He had improved so much since we last went, he “swam” but more like a doggie paddle bless him from half way across the pool by himself aided with armbands!! I couldn’t believe it when I seen him doing it!

20150108_102131 20150108_102130

So it’s a bitter sweet moment for me this week on one hand I know he will love it there, and the friends he makes will be with him throughout school (hopefully) so he can make friends for life, he will get a head start on his Welsh, he will have a huge amount of fun with new toys and activities and he will be able to socialise with other adults that aren’t family. On the other hand he isn’t at home with me anymore 🙁

Do your children go to a playgroup? How do they enjoy it?


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  1. Precious little ones! I remember the days of pre-school and how my girls’ loved it. Although they would cry when I left them it appears it was all an act to make me feel guilty. I enjoyed the time they were there despite missing them I knew it was what was best for them in the long run. I hope you and your little man grow accustom to it and that he enjoys it.

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    1. He is totally enjoying it and super excited to be going back again tomorrow!! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by x

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