Our sponsored walk for Tiny Tickers

Well, today has been an amazing day. Lily and I did our sponsored walk for Tiny Tickers I have been raising awareness for Tiny Tickers with various posts and today I am finishing off with our sponsored walk!

Tiny Tickers

I have never been as proud in my whole life as I am right now. It is late writing this post after having all day but I have been trying to work out how to put into words what this little lady has done today! She was so amazing through every single step – she never once moaned, never complained she was tired and just so inspirational.

The walk itself was 4 miles but I forgot to add the time that we needed to get there – that was an extra 2 miles. Altogether we walked 6.48 miles in just 2 hours and 50 minutes!!

So we set off, Milo in hand with my phone to guide the way.

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 1

We walked along the beach, Lily found a crab and wanted her picture taken with it 🙂 She asked if we could go looking for crabs one day because she has never seen a live one before, so that’s one thing to add to our summer bucket list.

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 2

The views from the beach were just amazing and we could see the castle (which we would be walking to) very far in the distance!

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 3

We skipped along and saw many animals.

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 4

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 5

Then we finally got into the woods – but Mummy went the wrong way haha and we ended up climbing up banks to get back on track. But not once did she complain, she worked incredibly hard to get to the top and climbed with ease. She impressed me so much, anyone who knows Lily will quote her saying “Lily and mud just don’t mix” she hates getting muddy, messy even with wellies on but she just did it. No moaning what so ever!

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 6

At the top of the hill the views were simply amazing! She took it all in telling me about the different trees we could see as she has been learning about them in school.

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 7
We had to climb over a wooden stile which was fun!

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 8

At this point we had walked 4 miles, and you may recognise these arches from my other posts about Gwrych Castle it is about 30 minutes from our house. I spoke to Lily and told her that we had already walked 4 miles which is what we had told people we walked because I forgot to add the distance to the starting point and gave her the option to go home now – still having completed her walk or to carry on the other way.


She carried on. I can’t believe it even now to be honest! She is just amazing. Her reasoning – we can get more money for the babies with poorly hearts now! I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wouldn’t change anything but for her to just think of others before herself was just incredible.

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 9

On the way home we walked over a footbridge and we could see where we had walked and she was so shocked that she had walked all the way up there. She was so proud of herself!

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 10

Milo had fun too!! Especially through the park on the way home!

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 11

Being silly for the last 2 minutes walking home – I think she was starting to flag but to be honest so was I!

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 12

Silly faces after our lovely warm bubble bath when we got home!

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 13

She got to choose what we had for tea, she chose Domino’s. There is no way she would be having anything but.

Tiny Tickers sponsored walk 14


Lily Rowlands I am unbelievable proud of you! I cannot believe how much you inspire me. I am in total awe of everything you have done for Tiny Tickers, the cards and magnets have been hugely successful and you are already thinking of other things you can do to help!


Finally a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated to her! She is an incredible young lady and I know I have said this a lot in this post but I am so proud of her!

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