Snowdome – Tamworth

Declan has been asking me to build a snowman and to play in the snow for at least 5 months!! So my cousins booked us all in for the snowplay at the Snowdome in Tamworth and it was so much fun!! I would recommend everyone to go and I am already planning on going back but to one that is closer to us!

There was a snow slide with rubber tubes, a tree house with a slide, a target board for throwing snowballs, sledges and of course snow to play in!!!

You get half an hour to play in the snow and it costs £3.50 per adult and £6.75 per child, well worth the money for the endless laughs and giggles from the kids.

I did have to bring Harry out after about 25 minutes as he was whinging, but it was late in the afternoon, he was hungry and wouldn’t keep his gloves on, Lily and Declan didn’t want to come out I think they would have stayed there for hours!

snowdome 1


These are the smiles that mean more than anything to me, the actual excitement and fun and laughter you can see on his face from just throwing a few snowballs is just incredible!


snowdome 2

Of course the slide had the kids in fits of giggles and they must have ran up those steps lots of times.

The sledges were great fun too and watching Lily trying to pull my cousin around was hilarious!

snowdome 3

One last go on the slide before its time to go home!

snowdome 4


A little video of them coming down the slide!! I had a go to and it really was so much fun!

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