Sibling Project – January 2019

I saw a lot of posts yesterday about the Sibling Project and taking a picture of the siblings every month on the 15th of the month, so I may be one day late this month but I loved the idea so thought I would jump right in.

I love the idea of celebrating siblings together, and last year I managed to take a picture a month, every month for the year last year without realising, and it would be amazing if I could document those photos and remember the meaning behind them all as well as the pictures themselves.

Here are the pictures I took last year in every month – they aren’t all on the same date – but I was still amazed I did them without meaning too.

Now for 2019!

This past month has been amazing, from the middle of December to now there has been so much that has happened, we have had Christmas, New Year, and Imogen’s birthday. All of which I managed to get a lot of group pictures (which you have probably already seen!)

I’m so excited to see what we get up to this month and how many more sibling pictures I can take.

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