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I am always trying to find fun things for us to do on a weekend. This could be anything from being outside, crafting or baking. So of course I wanted to review a Weekend Box from Weekend Box Club (you can also find them on twitter, facebook, instagram). When I received the item I let Lily and Declan open it, as you can tell Lily wanted to read all of the instructions first and Declan just wanted to get stuck in with everything else! (Excuse Harry sleeping on the couch!)

I quickly snapped a photo of everything we received but Lily and Declan just wanted to get started so this was the best I could get.

weekend box - 0

The Weekend Box is aimed for children aged 3-6, Declan is 4 and Lily is 6 and they both thoroughly enjoyed it, Harry even joined in at some point with the activities (when he was awake) I purposely did it when he was sleeping so Lily and Declan could concentrate on it but looking back I think he would have been able to join in on all the activities – even if he wouldn’t fully understand why we were doing them, or even do it all himself I think he would have enjoyed joining in.

weekend box - 1

There are 4 different activities in each Weekend Box all based around a theme. The theme for our Weekend Box was aztecs.

The 4 different activities are hosted by one of the gang.


We started with Sammy to make a mosaic coaster. Both Lily and Declan really enjoyed designing their coasters and cutting out the foam. I loved that everything was included in the little packet. There really was no hidden costs.

Weekend Box - 2
Weekend Box - 3

Of course I had to have a go. 🙂
Weekend Box - 4

Yay! Sticker on our sheet!
Weekend Box - 5


Next up we joined Hattie in making a parrot. This is when Harry woke up and decided he wanted to join in too.

I made a critical error when I decided to let Lily take control, so they opened up the packet read the instructions, which on the “you will need” There was no mention of paint, then on the instructions on the other side it said to paint the tube. Declan got the powder paints out of the envelope and it was only that I knew what they were that I added water to make the paint. Little did I know that there was a sticky label on the front of the envelope stating what was in it! So my only critic up until now was void! Oh dear..

So with the powder paints made up and everything ready to go we started painting.

Weekend Box - 6

Weekend Box - 9

Weekend Box - 7

Weekend Box - 8

Here are our Aztec Parrots!!

Weekend Box - 10

From left to right, Lily’s, Harry’s (and Mummy’s) and Declan’s.

Another sticker for us YAY!


Weekend Box - 11


We decided to leave the next two activities for Sunday so it is definitely a Weekend Box and not just a day box.


So Sunday I was a little more prepared – I read the instructions BEFORE the kids and I knew that when we made the Aztec patterns they needed to dry for a minute, so we did those ones first and then we moved onto the final activity before coming back to the patterns to finish them, I have posted all the photos together though to ease confusion.

Lily read out the instructions,

And we got started…

SEE… the envelopes have a lovely label on telling us what is in them, and if you do what most parents would do (e.g. not me!!) you will read all of the instructions before your children and it tells you exactly how to make the powder paints!

Weekend Box - 12

Declan made a zig zag pattern, or “triangles”

Weekend Box - 13


Lily decided on just a swirl pattern in the end

Weekend Box - 14

And they were kind enough to swap so they could make one of each pattern.

Weekend Box - 15


Yay!! Another sticker!

Weekend Box - 16

And lastly – and Declan’s favourite – we made Aztec Hot Chocolate!

This is the only activity I had to buy anything in for, I needed 50g milk chocolate, 50g plain chocolate, 200ml milk and 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence. I bake a lot with the kids and I already had all of these in stock, so there would be no extra cost for me at all. ]

We broke up the chocolate, added boiling water, added the milk and spice mixes and whisked it all together.

Weekend Box - 17

Poured it into our favourite cups and drank it!

Weekend Box - 18

Lily really enjoyed hers, and spent ages sat saying MMMmmmmmm!

Weekend Box - 19

Declan’s Mmmmmm face after seeing Lily’s!

Weekend Box - 20

Yay!! Our last sticker!

Weekend Box - 21

All finished!

Weekend Box - 22


The weekend boxes are £7.50 every two weeks, you can choose to have one or two boxes a month and will be billed monthly (so £15 for two boxes and £7.50 for one). There may be a few extra costs for the baking activities but obviously not all ingredients can be transported safely, and even then I wouldn’t mind the added cost as I would have had to buy everything if I just wanted a baking session at home with the children.

If you want to join up to the Weekend Club you can use the code HELEN183 and you will get your first box for FREE.

My children absolutely loved the Weekend Box and I am thinking about signing up, I know Lily and Declan will love it!

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