Read With Me: Snow Flakes by K.E. Taylor


Some of you may have read my post after reading Life After You by K.E. Taylor which is an amazing read you should read it if you haven’t already. So I have had the pleasure of reading Snow Flakes which you can get on Amazon at a current price of 99p.



Firstly I loved Life After You so much I was unsure how I would feel after reading what Logan was like before, but he didn’t disappoint. Snow Flakes is written before Burnt Ashes were Burnt Ashes, they could have been called anything, but I am glad they went with Burnt Ashes. There story is written from 6 points of view, Chace, Kayla, Braden, Sam, Trey and of course Logan. I thought it would get confusing but it was surprisingly easy to remember who was who. I was totally team Logan after Life After You but also the others didn’t have the spotlight so it was nice to get to know them and now I am totally team Sam. He’s the kind of guy that the mothers want to mother and the daughters well.. I will leave that to your imagination. It was also nice to read what Braden was all about as he has already died in Life After You so it was interesting to read what he was like from his point of view and not what we are getting told he was like.

It is written beautifully yet again, I am still surprised that it is written by a woman as only one of the point of views was a female part.

If you haven’t already you can like K.E. Taylor on Goodreads, Facebook, follow her on Twitter and check out her Amazon Store, with a few more stories already in the pipe line I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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