Gullivers World – Warrington!

With the big kiddies off camping I decided to take Harry and my nephew to Gullivers World. I took the big two last year and they absolutely loved it but Harry was a little too small then to go, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

As the kids were smaller than 90cm we didn’t have to pay for them and I ordered my tickets online and I paid £26 for an all inclusive ticket and for that we got the entrance fee, a meal, a drink and an ice cream. When we got there we paid for the children to become all inclusive too which was £9 and they also received a £1 voucher off any purchase in the shop.

So once we had paid the extra and headed in we went straight to the rides! The first few were the cups, an aeroplane ride, a train ride and a barrel ride.

gullivers 1
As you can tell Harry (and Cian my nephew although I haven’t included his pictures) are having an amazing time on the rides!

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Summer Holidays so far!

The Summer Holidays aren’t what I expected them to be! I had so many plans for this year and so many things I wanted to do but unfortunately things don’t work out how we wanted them too!

Week 1 – 18th JUL – 24th JUL

Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday were all pretty quiet, we were packing and getting ready for going away for our first anniversary! My cousins had the children and they went to Drayton Manor and Cadbury World whilst we went out for a lovely all you can eat chinese and to The Glee Club afterwards to watch the comedy carousel and it was such an amazing night! Friday we went to the cinema to watch Inside Out.

Week 2 – 25th JUL – 31st JUL

Saturday on the way home we went to the Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire which was a lovely and then on the way home my whole world was turned upside down, Dan decided that he no longer wanted to be with me that he was no longer happy with me, the next two days were a total blur and I did nothing but cry, then Monday night it was as if a light switched on and I realised I had two choices, I could sit at home and mope about – which believe me I could quite easily have done – or I could get off my backside and make something of myself. I had to step up for me and for my three amazing kids and I needed to show them that I was ok! I didn’t want them to dislike their dad in the slightest and I knew that moping about and them seeing that would paint him in a bad light, so I stepped up and sorted myself out. We watched movies, and enjoyed time together!!

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What a busy two months!!

Well busy is one word to describe it! The rest of June and beginning of July was spent helping out at the school, starting a little business from home selling Usborne Books and planning the summer holidays 🙂

July 23rd brought our 1st wedding anniversary and we went out for a lovely meal and The Glee Club in Birmingham which was amazing, but unfortunately on the way home from our time away my husband decided that he wasn’t happy anymore and decided to leave me. The rest of July was a bit of a blur and to be honest I thought so much about deleting my blog and not doing it anymore, but nearly 4 weeks down the line and I am lonely, and I think I need the blog now more than ever!

August brought the death of Dan’s grandad which was a horrible experience to have to go through, his family are being amazing but I felt this enormous pang of grief and in my head I am thinking I am not part of the family anymore why should I feel this grief! My whole adult life I have been with him and his family as my family all live West Midlands way and I moved to Wales to be with him, so they are my support network as such and now I am sat here lonely and bored so I have decided that I will keep the blog going and get back on track with it to keep me from going insane at night time!!

So the holidays have been completely thrown around and to add wood to the fire Harry got a chest infection and ended up in hospital on oxygen for three nights!

Baking day!!

Every Friday morning my children’s school are holding coffee mornings for each class in the year to showcase their work and what they are up to that week! I am helping out every week by baking the cakes and then helping out on the actual mornings, we did one before the holidays and I made a chocolate fudge cake and I made a carrot and walnut cake and a Victoria sponge (I don’t have a picture of this one though as one of the teachers took it for herself haha!)

baking 01 baking 02

Do in preparation for today – although I should be revising–  I had a baking evening yesterday. I fully intended on it being a baking day so I could relax the evening as I had my exam today but the school asked me to help with their sponsored walk in the morning and the weather was so nice that we went for a day out at the local river for a picnic and football so I was baking from 7pm when the kids went to bed till 12.30am this morning making lemon drizzle cake, coffee and walnut cake and carrot cake!!

baking 03

I can add recipes if anyone would like them 🙂 and if anyone has any yummy cake recipes please link me to them!! I am hoping to change it up every week!

Wicked Wednesday – June 3rd!

It has been a while since I have joined in with Wicked Wednesday’s but I love it so I have no idea why I stopped! It’s a great way to embarrass our kids and remember it forever ;)!

This week on the way to Morris Dancing I let the big kids go on their scooters so Harry asked to go on his bike! Little did I know that he would rather push and carry that bike than actually ride it!! It took us AGES to get there!


wicked wednesday jun 3
Linking up with Brummy Mummy of 2 for Wicked Wednesdays

Birthdays as a mum

With my birthday just 2 weeks away I have been thinking about my birthday as a mum and that it is so much different than when I was a child, or even when I was an adult pre babies!! I used to look forward to my birthday, having a day where I got completely spoilt and waited on hand and foot – now I have three little people that demand attention throughout the day too and make me do things for them 🙂

I wouldn’t have it any other way and I know the other 364 days of the year would be completely boring without them – plus the extra cash that we used to spend on our birthdays now goes on three other special birthdays throughout the year so it is just impossible to do something. But I do still spoil hubby on his birthday – he does so much for us and he works hard for me to be able to stay at home with the kids and never asks for anything in return so I do like to spoil him with little tea parties on his birthday and little gifts.

Although birthdays are different, they seem to be that extra but more special! Lily is super creative and every year she will come out of school the last school day before my birthday and say “You can’t look in my bag today mum” and the morning of my birthday I will always wake up to breakfast in bed (whatever we have in the cupboard that the kids what to make for me – with hubby of course) and that special card that Lily has made specially for me in school it makes my morning. Then normally hubby is in work and the kids are in school and my day continues as normal – there is the odd occasion that it is on the weekend but hubby still works so it is just like a normal day but of course I have the kids at home too!

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Exam stress!!

Things have been super quiet on the blog recently!! I have an exam on Friday to end my 2nd year of my uni course and it is a major stress right now! I have hardly read half of the books and I really need to crack on with the revising and there has been a half term since my last post on our Bank Holiday Weekend fun! I have a few posts that I have started and need to finish and I just need to get this exam out the way then I will be back finishing those posts and lots more!!

For now I will get back to the books!!


Bank Holiday fun!!

Well as you may now I can now DRIVE, and bank holiday Monday was the first day we could all go out in the car for a lovely family day out, but before that we had the weekend, unfortunately hubby was working but I didn’t let that stop me 🙂

On Friday night poor Lily wasn’t well at all and she was sick throughout the night which resulted in a shower about half 11, she finally stopped being sick at 7.30 Saturday morning and by 12 she was asking for food, jumping around the living room asking to go out somewhere nice… I honestly have no idea how these kids do it. I am a lot like that where I won’t let illness get to me but I would certainly be having a duvet day the day I was sick.

bank holiday weekend sick
Still smiling throughout the whole thing!

It was Lily’s Godmothers birthday party on the Saturday evening and she really wanted to go and buy a new dress and go to the party. So of course I took her to buy her a new pretty dress and the boys some gorgeous matching shirts!

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#365Rowlands2015 Week 18

How do you all do it?? I have no idea where this week has gone and yet here I am midnight on Sunday night remembering that I really want to blog and I need to find more hours in the day!! I have finished my last assignment for uni this year now so just an exam to prep for on 5th June so hopefully once that is done I will be able to get back into full on blogging!!

So here we go onto week 18 for #365Rowlands2015 …


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#365Rowlands2015 Week 17

So my poor blog has been affected yet again from us being super busy. The start of this week was nothing in particular, I was just trying to stay calm and collected, getting early nights in preparation for my DRIVING TEST!!! So everything has been put on the back seat!! So I am a little late posted our week in photos, and I have totally missed all the posts for happy days and little loves, but this week I plan to be back on track – or so she says, I have an assignment to write eeek!

Onto week 17 for #365Rowlands2015 …


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