Mummy guilt

Mummy guilt is really hitting me hard this week. Imogen will be 14 weeks old on Friday and has been exclusively breastfed since the day she was born. However on Saturday I have booked to go and see the Nashville farewell tour and I absolutely cannot cancel, it will be their last tour and I went last year and it was amazing sof I cannot wait to go again, I am however very nervous about leaving Imogen for that long for the first time. So I need to express. I have bought a lansinoh manual breast pump using my Amazon prime subscription which meant it arrived the very next day – love Amazon prime – and it came yesterday so I got to expressing.

I waited till half an hour after Imogen had fed and I managed to express just over 2oz, then this afternoon I managed to get just under 2oz. So altogether I have 4 oz so far. I’m hoping to express more tomorrow and Friday so hopefully there will be enough for her.

My next issue is will she actually take a bottle… Only time will tell, I bought the lansinoh bottles too hopefully they will be ok for her.

Any tips on expressing more efficiently or how to help her take a bottle will be very much appreciated.

Helen - FromMummytoMum

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