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So I mentioned in my Yearly Photo’s post that Lily made the choice to become vegan, and when she first started in September I did it with her. I thought I would struggle to create meals for our family whereby I had to essentially create two separate meals, however I found it really easy to accommodate what we were having and make it vegan friendly. However, I struggled when it was just me and Andrew three nights a week where the three eldest children were at their Dads and I would only have to cook for me and Andrew – creating a meal that we could both enjoy was hard work. Andrew has no intentions at present to become Vegan so to make it easier – and cheaper – I went back to omni diet eating anything I wanted again.

Since I stopped the vegan diet I have been ill pretty much constantly and suffering with headaches, I don;t know whether it was just coincidence or whether the diet has affected my health. So I have decided to try and go vegan again.

I always meal plan every week as I find it easier when I go shopping to just buy for what I need for the week but also I find that it helps us a family- well more importantly me – if I know what I have to cook when I get home.

So I am hoping that my meal planning this week I can create meals that I can put into the freezer for those nights where it is me and Andrew and then I will hopefully be more successful this time.

So last night I downloaded four new cookbooks from Amazon for my Kindle

Then spent the evening looking through them to see if there were recipes I could try at home that would cater to everyone. I found a few but they didn’t appeal to Lily so we then we spent the night looking online for various recipes for us to try.

So this is my plan for this week – and hopefully it will be a successful week!

MondayShepherds pie
ThursdayCowboy Pie
FridaySweetcorn soup
Saturday Bean & Vegetable Chilli
Sunday Smokey Veggie Wellington

Andrew has agreed to give it a go the next two weeks so that will make it easier for me and if we like the meals this week I’m hoping to batch cook and freeze meals for when I’m in work to make it easier throughout the week.

Do you have any recommendations for us to try?

Helen - FromMummytoMum

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