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Manorafon Farm

Today we spent the morning at Manorafon Farm. It is a local farm just a 2 minute drive and if we have extra time just a 30 minute walk. We have annual passes for the farm as we love it so much, especially Lily. She wants to work there when she’s older and for her birthday I’m planning on buying her Farmer for a day which is just one of the many farm experiences they do.

We haven’t been here yet this year and they had some amazing Easter activities but we unfortunately missed them this year as when we planned to go the weather wasn’t great so we decided to rearrange for today.

As we entered we started around the farm and meet the chickens and goats, the goats are so friendly and Imogen loved looking around too.

We walked past the pigs and geese. Lily, Declan and Harry decided not to feed the pigs as they make their hands super messy!!

Once we walked round it was time for Cwtsh Corner. An opportunity for the children to cuddle and stroke the little animals. There are some new tortoises there this year and Lily was so excited she got to have one on her knee.

Next was my favourite feeding they lambs!! They were very greedy and didn’t take long for them to drink all their milk.

The boys didn’t want to feed the lambs so they went on the outdoor play area instead. Then we all went into the soft play for a while. After a few minutes Lily disappeared into the barn to look at the little animals again.

Guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, tortoises and hairless guinea pigs – these were genetically created in a lab for people with allergies. Unfortunately it’s not good for them and have a great lamp to make sure they are warm enough and DVD massages daily with special creams and oils.

Next we went round the new shepherd’s trail which lily loved- no surprises there though.

We didn’t go on they new quads today as we didn’t have much time today but I can’t wait to take everyone back again and again to enjoy the farm.


Country Kids

Helen - FromMummytoMum


  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    What an adorable looking farm and just the place for a morning out when it is so close to home from you. My kids really want a tortoise here, I must say I do like them so you never know. That is a lot of orphaned lambs to feed, we haven’t had any rejected so far this year so no bottle feeding here, we try to leave it to the mothers if we can though we are not finished lambing yet so we may yet have one needing a bottle. It is something the holiday makers always enjoy. Being a Farmer for a day sounds like a memorable birthday present, I look forward to hearing what she gets up to.

    I hope you have many more farm visits over the summer.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Helen

      The tortoises were a big hit with the children, adults and staff too! I’m so excited for her to do the experience day and she has no idea too which is a bonus

  • Sam - Serenely Sam

    It sounds like a lovely day. My niece is a huge animal lover, and even though she’s only 4, we’re all certain she’ll work with animals when she older. Either that or she’ll be an actress, but that’s a different story! Haha. Anyway, I digress, but what I wanted to say was that she would love the farmer for a day experience. I think I’ll look into if any of the farms near us do anything similar. #FamilyFunLinky

  • Tammymum

    Ah that looks like a really lovely day out. My two are funny with the farm, sometimes they love it and others they get a bit scared and unsure. I still like them to be introduced to different animals though so they can learn all about them. Thank you for joining us at #familyfun

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