Living Arrows – Jan 14th 2019

Every Monday I will be joining in with Living Arrows with What the redhead said showcasing a picture from each of the children for that week from something we have been up to in that week.

It has been a bit trickier this week to take pictures as the children have been back in school and therefor leaving less time for us to enjoy time together, we did make an effort to go to Bodnant Gardens on Saturday and yesterday we were hoping to go out but our plans changed when a friend of ours daughter was taken to hospital and we offered to look after their children whilst they were dealing with the awful situation they are in.

Lily wanted her picture taken in this tree for her blog, but I loved it that I stole it for my blog too – after all I did take the picture.

Harry adores his big brother and sister, and once he saw Lily doing this he wanted his picture taken too! I love the bond he has with his siblings, he looks up and respects the older two a lot and he is amazing with Imogen and regularly tells us she is his favourite – or when he hates everyone apart from Imogen.

Declan found this awesome rock slide and asked if he could have his picture taken there – of course! – he went to a his friends house for a sleepover this weekend and the mother commented on how much he is growing up and how good he was with his friends younger siblings. As much as sometimes Declan can have some tricky moments its lovely to see that he is maturing and he does show respect to others.

This has to be my favourite picture of this week!!! Me, Andrew and Imogen went out for the day on Wednesday and treated ourselves to some lunch out, with the lemon I got in my drink I obviously gave it to Imogen to try – best picture ever!!!!

This is my favourite moment of Saturday, Imogen loves to walk around holding hands – and this weekend she even took 6 steps by herself!! But watching her walk with Lily and Harry was so cute – she was chatting away and I’m so glad I managed to catch the moment where she was looking up at Lily.

Living Arrows
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12 thoughts on “Living Arrows – Jan 14th 2019”

  1. Lovely photo’s, the kids look really happy exploring the great outdoors. That photo of Imogen is fantastic, you have to catch that first sour lemon face shot don’t you. #livingarrows

  2. I struggle to get pictures as well this time of the year! It’s so dark. Looks like a good day out. Love the lemon photo we’ve one similar from when Monkey was tiny.

  3. Ahh what lovely photos – love that Harry wanted the same photo as his sister and the one of Imogen is just priceless! #LivingArrows

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