Joie spin 360 car seat – Review

Imogen is now finally putting weight on so it was time to move her into the next car seat stage. Her newborn car seat was beginning to get a little small but I still wanted her to be rear facing. I was intrigued with the Joie spin 360 as it had the isofix base. It is also rear facing and front facing and I can use the car seat until she’s four. All of which are a huge bonus.

Car seat Research

Before I bought I wanted to go and look at car seats. To make sure that I was getting the right one. I have been guilty in the past of having no patience and just buying what I wanted before looking. A few times its worked. But there has been times where it hasn’t. I have ended up buying twice, and with the cost of car seats I wanted to be sure.

After looking around Mothercare looking at all the different types of seats and weighing up the cost. I decided that I definitely wanted to go for the Joie spin 360. The only negative I could find with it was once the baby fell asleep their head fell forward. However, the majority of the time I have someone else in the car with me to help.


I received an email from Mothercare to say that I had an extra 10% voucher to use. So I used that on top of the already discounted seat and got it for £166.50. It was ordered on Thursday at 8pm and was delivered on Saturday morning. I wasn’t expecting it till mid week so it was a pleasant surprise.

In my eagerness I couldn’t wait to get it fitted into the car. I did struggle to get the isofix clips to clip in at first. Once I lifted the car seat up a little and tried again on an angle they went on easily.

Imogen had started to get really upset when she got in the old car seat. She loved this car seat – and still does. I think it’s because she is higher up and can see much more out of the windows.

The smile on her face says it all, she was so excited the first time.

We have been out in the car many times and every time she loves going in the seat. She has fallen asleep three times, and twice her head fell forward. The third time, however, she put her head back to sleep – coincidence maybe. Now when she gets tired she leans back so hopefully she will continue to do that when she is sleeping.

Verdict on the Joie spin 360 car seat

I am so happy with the Joie spin 360 car seat so far. It has the isofix base , can be front and rear facing. Imogen is comfortable and happy, and enjoys our car journeys! What more can I ask for?

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    1. It’s a really great design. Makes it easier to put her in and out too! Always a bonus

  1. She looks so comfortable in it – I wanted extended rear facing for my youngest but they were still a bit few and far between! So glad you’ve found something that works for you.

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