Imogen’s first birthday

We had such a beautiful time for Imogen’s first birthday. She woke up early hours of the morning for a cuddle and feed in my bed (as usual) but this time I got to wish her a happy birthday whilst doing it. Then once Lily, Declan and Harry woke up and realised what day it was they came in to sing happy birthday to a half asleep baby girl who gave them all the biggest smile she could muster in her sleepy state.

Once we were all downstairs the boys couldn’t wait to help Imogen open her presents. Books and clothes were her staple presents from us all – essentials what more does a one year old need!

Well my Mum and Dad came round with a new set of wheels for us to take Imogen out in!

So of course we had to test them out and decided on a fun trip to the park to make sure she liked them – well she loved them and this will make school runs much easier as there is a 15 minute wait of an afternoon and Imogen gets a little bored in the pram sometimes!

Whilst at the park Imogen fell asleep in Daddy’s arms so back home for her to have a quick nap before the madness of her first birthday party started!

Balloons, more presents food and cake (which if you have seen my Instagram stories on Friday night me and Lily made and it is vegan too!) and then party time was over and it was time to get ready for bed!

Every year on their birthdays we always get them number balloons, and I take a picture of them…. well this started when Harry was about 4 – so this was my first attempt with a baby!! Outtakes are included!

She won’t have any recollection that she had a party or even what was going on but she will hopefully feel loved by everyone who came to wish her a very happy first birthday!

I still can’t believe Imogen is ONE already! Time needs to slow down.

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