I Love Amber!

When Harry was just a few days old we noticed dry patches all over his skin, these quickly developed into red raw eczema. He was constantly scratching, making it bleed and was in a lot of pain. Despite all of that he was a happy chappy who still smiled at any given opportunity but as a mother it was heartbreaking to watch him go through that.

We went to the doctor within his first month and we got prescribed diprobase, I am pretty against steroid creams, especially with young children, so was really hopeful that this moisturiser would work. 2 weeks and there was no difference at all, in fact it was getting worse as you can see from these pictures, it was getting raw and bleeding!

This is him in the garden with patches on his face, nose cheeks and hands.


Harry when he woke from his nap one afternoon and had been scratching in his sleep.


This is where he had scratched his leg one night without us realising.


So we went back to the doctors and they gave us the dreaded steroid creams but we had to try it wasn’t fair on Harry for him to be in pain like that.



The steroid creams did nothing, again they probably made it worse. As in this picture his face and his arm is so sore. Was horrible to see people staring when we walked down the road because of the marks on his face.


Once he scratched his face so bad it had scabbed, and everyone would ask if he had fallen.., Nope just scratched his eczema!


We finally got referred to a specialist, who gave us a new moisturiser called Eumovate. It worked for a few days and then Harry would flair up and then it would work and then he would have a flair up and it was just a never ending cycle. We asked the specialist what we could do to stop him scratching, his reply – “Not a lot if that cream doesn’t work you’re stuffed” – great help from a dermatologist. Someone had mentioned Amber Bracelets that they had used for teething so I thought why not give them a try. We had nothing to lose!


We ordered ours from Love Amber X but before we asked advice from their Facebook Page, they were very helpful and told me what type I needed to use. I ordered and they were delivered within 3 days and beautifully packaged.

Within a month this was our results. I was super sceptical about these bracelets, how could they work?? I still have no idea but I cannot believe the results! His skin has a few dry patches here and there but that I can cope with, he no longer scratches, never makes it bleed and I haven’t used one single cream on him during the time. I did attempt a little diprobase on the dry patches which caused a flair up since then never put cream on again!


I told my Mum and my cousin about these bracelets and then I researched for them if they could help arthritis. My Mum suffers really bad and has done since she was in her 20’s. She didn’t want to go down the route of medication just yet, she wanted to live as long as she could before she had to rely on them. She bought a bracelet to wear to help her arthritis and she didn’t think it was going to work. She was in a lot of pain daily and her legs would give way and after about 4 weeks, her pain eased gradually and her legs gave way less. She currently has arthritis in her neck and is looking to buy a necklace to try and ease the pain there.

My cousin has arthritis in her neck and she suffers horrendously with it. She bought her necklace 2/3 weeks ago and she text last week saying her pain was easing. This morning I text her asking how her neck was and she said that her neck is doing better than it has in a lifetime.

If anyone is reading this who suffers or has a child who suffers with anything I would advise you to go and look at their website or facebook page and get advice! For me they have worked 100% in three different cases.

*This is not a sponsored post. We just struggled to find something that helped Harry with his eczema and want to help fellow mums/dads/people that these anklets, bracelets or necklaces can help.*


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20 thoughts on “I Love Amber!

    1. My mum still can’t believe they worked for her! She has been in pain for 20 years and now a twinge here and there!! I would say it’s alll in your head that’s how it works but for Harry he has no clue why he wears them!

    1. I cannot believe the difference in such a short space of time too! I think the doctors should give leaflets out about them, I know its not scientific and that the doctors would rather give medication but I would rather a natural healer any day.

    1. Harry now wears three, he has one for teething, one for sleeping and then an extra one for his eczema. I think I will get him another one after his 2nd birthday to keep him topped up. 🙂

  1. Wow your dermatologist doesn’t suond great! My son was using Betnovate before his first birthday but it got it sorted and he now relies on Aveeno and a little Fucidin at times.
    I’m glad you’ve found something to help.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x
    Colette B recently posted…NibNibs Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    1. No unfortunately our dermatologist wasn’t good 🙁 Which didn’t help when I expressed I was against steroid creams and he prescribed them to me anyway, even though at the time Harry’s skin was broken and can’t put steroid cream on broken skin! I’m glad your son is all sorted too! Keep Amber in your mind if you do ever need to (which I hope you won’t!)

  2. Bless him…. he looks just like my little one did when I started weaning her and she was not on her exclusion diet yet. Her amber necklace really helped with teething pain.

  3. I use amber bracelets on my son as he also suffered from eczema. We were prescribed cetraben first but he was allergic to the paraffin. The bracelets are amazing. We also used for his teething and has cut teeth without even noticing. Alongside the bracelets when he has dry patches we tried aveeno cream with colloidal oatmeal that doesnt react with and keeps his skin lopking great. I would recommend amber bracelets from x love amber. They were so helpful with what to get

    1. They really are, since then I have ordered so many for family and friends, really fantastic service!
      I will look out for aveeno cream, a few people have mentioned that to me!

  4. Hi. Can I ask which amber you have for excema? My daughter was the same a couple of weeks ago, her skin was weeping, I’d wash her, it would weep again and crust over. A vicious circle. The creams did work but I’d like to avoid using them again if possible. Thanks

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