Happy Days #16

This week has been mega happy!!! There has been so much fun going on it has been hard to keep up with it all!! I can’t wait to share it with you all in more detail! Happy Days is one of my favourite linkies you can view my other posts here or you can join in with Jenna from Tiny Footsteps and Katy from What Katy Said.

And off we go…

Out and about

We did a lot of fun days out – Disney on Ice, Frozen sing-along and the snow dome, but I want to write about them in more detail, so I am going to write here about our days out at the park!

Lily was trying to do the monkey bars – but more rings than bars. So of course picture opportunities – there was my cousin stood right next to here when she needed help!

happy days oaa 1
This cheeky monkey was really grumpy this day – full of cold, cough and cutting teeth, managed to get some smiley ones too!
happy days oaa 2
And at the park there was an egg hunt, Harry had no intention of joining in but Lily and Declan enjoyed it – although Declan needed a lot of persuasion to not go to the park first!
happy days oaa 3

Fun at home

We did lots of fun things at home too, we played bowls in the garden, made cakes, made cards, read stories and just general play! Of course I have pictures but they are on my phone – I really need to get the pictures off there to have a look at!

Time for me

Me time has been completely none existent for the past week, Hubby couldn’t come with us as he couldn’t get time off work so I was playing single parent for the week and I do not envy anyone who has to do it alone 24/7! We had so much planned that it wasn’t too hard, but it was tiring, I definitely need my partner in crime to help me!

My happiest moment

Everything!! I can’t find one tiny thing that I favoured more than anything else!! The whole week was just amazing!

Next week I would like to try

To have a nice relaxing week but make sure that I get everything done that I want too. Including a uni assignment, sorting out the garden and lots of Easter crafts that we normally would have done last week!

6 thoughts on “Happy Days #16

  1. You have some lovely photos here, it looks like the park was a lot of fun. I completely understand about how hard it is when you’re on your own … we went to Bluestone recently, but my husband couldn’t come for the first few days. I really appreciated his help when he joined us!
    Good luck getting all your bits done this week … that’s quite a to do list!
    Alana x

    1. It’s one of those times when it is easier in a way because your decision is the only decision so no “arguing” as such about what to do, but it was so much hard work with the three of them!
      FromMummyToMum recently posted…Our Week Away…My Profile

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