Gullivers World – Warrington!

With the big kiddies off camping I decided to take Harry and my nephew to Gullivers World. I took the big two last year and they absolutely loved it but Harry was a little too small then to go, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

As the kids were smaller than 90cm we didn’t have to pay for them and I ordered my tickets online and I paid £26 for an all inclusive ticket and for that we got the entrance fee, a meal, a drink and an ice cream. When we got there we paid for the children to become all inclusive too which was £9 and they also received a £1 voucher off any purchase in the shop.

So once we had paid the extra and headed in we went straight to the rides! The first few were the cups, an aeroplane ride, a train ride and a barrel ride.

gullivers 1
As you can tell Harry (and Cian my nephew although I haven’t included his pictures) are having an amazing time on the rides!

There are plenty of parks and indoor places for the kids to run around in too, we played on various ones through out the day but especially before dinner to waste a little time.

gullivers 2

For dinner we chose to eat in the All You Can Eat Pizza and Pasta place and we used our drink voucher there too as it was a refillable drink. It is a fantastic value for money and even if you are paying it is just £7.50 per adult and £5.50 per child plus £2.50 for a refillable drink.

gullivers 3


It wasn’t too busy we seemed to have chose a good day for going as the weather was dry but not hot which was perfect! There was very little queues for the rides and we even went on a few more than once.


gullivers 4

We used our ice cream voucher and the boys got a Haribo ice cream and we had a caramel one! Yum!

gullivers 5

We had such a fun day and one I will repeat again and again!


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