Frozen Sing-a-long – Birmingham

So on Sunday whilst we were away we went to the Frozen Sing-a-long. I had such high expectations of this, it was fancy dress and Declan was so excited to be Olaf and Lily loved having her hair like Anna’s for Coronation Day!

frozen singalong 1

frozen singalong 2

So we got there and we were all given a “goody bag” for us to join in with, in the bag there was a balloon, clapper thing (like a castanet on a stick haha cannot think what they are called), a paper doily, a little badge for them to wear and that as it… I think. So they had to use the balloon as the trolls, the clapper thing every time Kristoff was running the doily was the snowflakes and THAT WAS IT!! Anna and Elsa came on at various parts of the film to sing along with the songs, and Olaf was there to sing In Summer.

There was a section at the beginning and just after the interval where Elsa and Anna came out to talk to the kids and stuff but they didn’t come up to us as we were in the top section so I think maybe our tickets should be a little cheaper.

Basically it cost me £12.50 EACH to watch the film Frozen that I could have bought everything for cheaper!! But the kids totally loved it even if us adults thought that we would get a lot more for our money!!

frozen singalong 3

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