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This post has to be the one that I have been most excited to write about, but beware it will be very picture heavy, but not as bad as it could have been!! I Took over 300 photos!!!

Disney on Ice was AMAZING!!! I have never seen anything like it before. Lily told me about 2 minutes in “This is so much better than I thought it would be and I thought it was going to be excellent!” So it surprised a 6 year old with how good it was.

We had pretty decent tickets, not right at the front – that is my aim for when the kids are a little older and they can all enjoy it and remember it, but we were about half way up on the side.

The kids loved dressing up in their costumes again like they did for the Frozen sing-a-long so was an extra use for them to get all dressed up!!

disneyonice 1

My Mum gave them all £15 to buy something with whilst we were there, so Harry (and Evie – my niece) bought frozen wands, Declan bought an Olaf spinning toy and Lily bought an Anna soft doll, I also bought a programme and mine altogether came to £75! So it is expensive but you expect it to be, I knew I would be spending a small fortune there so I wasn’t as shocked as I may have been if I was expecting it.

I bought drinks there too which was £2.20 for a 500ml bottle – which again isn’t horrendously bad, not the cheapest but they never are at these places and we had ice creams at the interval and for 4 magnums was £10.

disneyonice 2

Mickey Mouse opened the show with the help of Donald and Goofy and the ugly sisters from Cinderella – Lily and Declan laughed so much at these two!

disneyonice 3

First princess up was Ariel, and I think this was Lily’s favourite – Flounder and Sebastian were so good, I can’t even skate and to skate with the costumes, and in character and the routines that they were all doing were just amazing, the kids were in complete awe!

disneyonice 4

All of the performers were excellent, they all told the stories so well. I don’t really know what I was expecting to happen, but I certainly didn’t expect for the stories to be told in such detail!

disneyonice 5

Lily loved this part!! She said that Ariel had the best skills and I think this is why this is her favourite!! I couldn’t believe some of the things she was doing, such fantastic ability!

disneyonice 6


disneyonice 7

Rapunzel was fantastic too – I am already running out of descriptive words to use. Disney on Ice completely exceeded all my expectations, they costumes were created so well considering they had to skate and dance around in them too!

disneyonice 8

Once of my favourite scenes from the whole show!

disneyonice 9

And the picture on the left is my favourite picture from the night!!!!

disneyonice 10

Beauty and the beast was – yep you probably guessed it – fandabbydozy – told you I’m running out of words to use, I don’t want to sound like I am repeating myself but the whole show was just incredible!

disneyonice 11


disneyonice 12

The library scene looked so pretty!

disneyonice 13

Yay!!!! Its Sven and Kristoff, as soon as these characters came skating on the crowd went wild, this is the show everyone came to see and they didn’t disappoint, again the outfits were fantastic and the props used in this were great too!!

disneyonice 14

Anna was my favourite I think, you could tell that she knew her character inside out, her skating was chirpy and fun, bouncy she just made me think that she was Anna!

disneyonice 15

Especially in this scene, can’t see it too clear on the blog photo but when Anna says “Wait, what?!” to Hans her expression was faultless.

disneyonice 16

Here comes the snow!!

disneyonice 17

In Summer!!!!!!! Olaf got the biggest reception of all. As soon as the kids (and adults) got a glimpse of him coming the screams were deafening.

disneyonice 18

Let it go… I don’t think I need to say anymore!

disneyonice 19

Damn you Hans!

disneyonice 20


disneyonice 21

Haha the famous punch was done so well too!

disneyonice 22

The whole cast in their fancy Belle and Ariel dresses!!

disneyonice 23

As you can tell I cannot say anything bad about the whole show.. in fact the next day I booked to go and watch Disney on Ice again in October to the World’s of Enchantment tour but this time Dan will be coming with us as we are going on a Wednesday so he will definitely be off!

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