Gullivers World – Warrington!

With the big kiddies off camping I decided to take Harry and my nephew to Gullivers World. I took the big two last year and they absolutely loved it but Harry was a little too small then to go, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

As the kids were smaller than 90cm we didn’t have to pay for them and I ordered my tickets online and I paid £26 for an all inclusive ticket and for that we got the entrance fee, a meal, a drink and an ice cream. When we got there we paid for the children to become all inclusive too which was £9 and they also received a £1 voucher off any purchase in the shop.

So once we had paid the extra and headed in we went straight to the rides! The first few were the cups, an aeroplane ride, a train ride and a barrel ride.

gullivers 1
As you can tell Harry (and Cian my nephew although I haven’t included his pictures) are having an amazing time on the rides!

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Bank Holiday fun!!

Well as you may now I can now DRIVE, and bank holiday Monday was the first day we could all go out in the car for a lovely family day out, but before that we had the weekend, unfortunately hubby was working but I didn’t let that stop me 🙂

On Friday night poor Lily wasn’t well at all and she was sick throughout the night which resulted in a shower about half 11, she finally stopped being sick at 7.30 Saturday morning and by 12 she was asking for food, jumping around the living room asking to go out somewhere nice… I honestly have no idea how these kids do it. I am a lot like that where I won’t let illness get to me but I would certainly be having a duvet day the day I was sick.

bank holiday weekend sick
Still smiling throughout the whole thing!

It was Lily’s Godmothers birthday party on the Saturday evening and she really wanted to go and buy a new dress and go to the party. So of course I took her to buy her a new pretty dress and the boys some gorgeous matching shirts!

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Out and About: Trains and Beach

This week with the older ones back in school me and Harry went out with my friend and her son, who Harry loves, to visit a beautiful little place with a miniature railway – Harry loves trains so he was so excited the whole way there – probably a little over excited. But we can’t leave the bigger ones out now can we, we went for a lovely walk along the beach on Friday after school – I was meant to write this post last night, but then I realised I was up at 6.30 ready for the Eisteddfod so ended up going to bed!

Out  and About

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Out and About: Half Term Edition

This half term we have spent a lot of time together as a family 🙂 It has been amazing, Hubby booked the week off work so it has been a lot of family time and I have loved every second of it. I am not looking forward to him going back to work tomorrow 🙁

We have spent time indoors, baking, making our own t-shirts and watching films but we have tried to get out too 🙂

Out  and About

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Morning walk with the Hubby (and Milo) to Gwrych Castle

You may have seen our many muddly puddle pictures from walking up to Gwrych Castle last week, or even our family walk up to the castle back in October 2014, but Monday we took Harry to playgroup and then headed off with Milo for a lovely walk. It has been a long time since it was just me and hubby doing something we enjoy! Recently we have spent it getting organised in the house and me doing uni work so it has been pretty scarce the quality time we have spent together so I was so excited (sad but true) to get to spend this time with him with no distractions!

The castle is one of our favourite places to go. I really want to keep going past the castle as we haven’t been too far up yet so hopefully next week we will be able to leave our house a little earlier and won’t have to go to Tesco so have head back earlier and we will be able to go on a nice 2 hour walk. We ended up walking for an hour Monday and I loved every second of it!

The castle itself and the view from there is just amazing, this is why I want to go further up as I want to see more beautiful views like this. The castle itself is currently getting restored (I would link to the website but it appears to be down at the minute) and when it is done we will be able to go inside and view it. I cannot wait for it all to be finished!

gwrych castle  (1)

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Jumping in Muddy Puddles!

Jumping up and down in muddy puddles has to be Declan’s favourite thing to do. So on Thursday when we were thinking of where to go for a walk we decided on a walk to the castle as there are a lot of holes in the road and as it has been raining there would be plenty of jumping opportunities. Lily enjoys a walk no matter where we go and poor little Harry doesn’t have much choice at the minute, and Milo is happy as long as he is out and about.

Harry and Milo are both getting so much more inquisitive when we are out. They love to explore and look around. Milo caught a glimpse of the goats and went off to explore, Harry tried following him!

muddy puddles 1

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Magic Moments: Fun at the Park

We find Magic Moments everywhere, but it is always so easy to forget them. I want to try and remember the little magic moments that I take for granted. So yesterday morning it was cold and windy but I had promised the kids we would go and have some Fun at the Park  so we all wrapped up (apart from hats as the kids wouldn’t keep them on!!!!! Anyone else’s kids do this? It is so frustrating. They will wear them for a while but they complain that their heads are hot and itchy. So we went to the park, with Daddy and Milo in tow and they went for a walk around the park whilst we went in the park.

We haven’t been to the ‘play park’ as we call it for a while because hubby works weekends and I have to walk the dog and obviously wouldn’t take the dog into the play park, so it was nice to be able to take them in and for them to have fun playing on everything and anything they wanted (apart from the big climbing frame, it had been hailing and still a little wet and slippery and I didn’t want Lily falling from that height). It was lovely to see all three of them having fun running around and playing without a care in the world. The best part was that no one kicked up a fuss when it was time to come home. They all happily walked over to the gate and walked home!

Lily and Declan are always on the see-saw working out who ate the most for breakfast by who is heavier and who is lighter.

Fun at the Park 1

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Geocaching for the first time!

I love to get out with the kids whenever we get chance, but it can get boring going to the same places for the same things everytime, more so for me than the kids. So when I read about geocaching a few months back I knew I wanted to try it with my kids.

So I headed of to google to find out what I could find, this is what it came up with!

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Winter Walk with Milo

We haven’t been out much over the holidays, we have spent far too much time cooped up inside it was time to get out. So after Harry had his nap we got our coats on and headed out. Luckily it wasn’t too cold, warm enough for just coats.

We are starting to let Milo off the lead now and he is doing so well with it. Makes his walks more enjoyable if he can run around too and the kids love to run through the fields with him. Declan gets annoyed when Milo lays down for a rest and shouts him to keep going.


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We’re Back!!

So I forgot to mention that I was going away for a few days to visit family for Halloween! We had an amazing time and I took lots and lots of pictures! So I thought I would share a few a lot of photo’s here with you. We went mainly for Halloween so when we arrived on Wednesday we had a Halloween party!! The children helped make some pizza’s by cutting spooky shapes out of the cheese for the toppings! (Although the pictures of these are still on my phone and I haven’t managed to get them off yet. Then it was time to dress up and have a party!! Here are our costumes! 01 Read more