It’s been a while…

And it is now 1.30am on a Monday morning and I have to be up in 6 hours – yes in the holidays!!!! – to get my little dude ready for a football camp fun thing he is going to be taking part in! But I am getting far to carried away with planning my little ladies EIGHTH birthday party!! I have no idea when she went from the tiny baby I held in my arms for so long but now she is this amazing lady who no longer wants princess parties – she wants a Harry Potter themed party, she is obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I am certainly not complaining lot by a long shot, I am however getting far too carried away with her birthday plans. So I have left a little welcome back to the blogging world post here, I want to get back into blogging, not sure which direction my blog will take, or what I will even write about, but I do want to get back into the writing side of it! So for now I will leave you with this post and I will, hopefully, be back tomorrow with a post all about her birthday plans so far – or maybe even a post about our summer holiday plans… depending on how far I get with the birthday plans!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays so far!


Happy 5th Birthday [party] Declan!

This weekend has been spent baking, crafting, creating and more importantly partying so yes my little loves, happy days and my 365 posts will be late! I will be writing them all this afternoon hopefully – if I don’t get distracted!!

Declan is now 5!! It is his birthday today and he has gone to school armed with badges and a birthday cake with the welsh dragon on it for him and his friends to share. He can’t wait to show them all his cake.

Yesterday we had his birthday party, and almost everything went according to plan, we had a few changes and I ended up having a cake made rather than me making it as I knew I wouldn’t have the time, and one of the games we changed a little but everyone had an amazing day 😀 And so did I!!

birthday party

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Planning a 5th Birthday Party!

So I started writing this post last night, well I say writing I had the Add New Post page loaded for about 3 hours before even looking at the page, by that time it was nearing midnight and I thought there is no point in writing it now I was getting tired and things just weren’t making any sense. So here we are Wednesday morning, almost bright eyed and bushy tailed and getting down to planning Declan’s 5th Birthday Party!

I have no idea where these last 5 years have gone, well I do but I didn’t realise that they would fly by so fast. When I first had Lily, and even after having Declan and Harry too people would say to me

Cherish them whilst they are little they won’t be babies for long

More so after having Lily I would think, how can a year go by quickly, its a whole year! Oh my how wrong was I. That is now the advise I give to all parents, with their first I simply say just enjoy that time it is gone before you know it. When its a second, third or even a forth baby, its more of a conversation starter, less “Make sure you cherish it” and more “Doesn’t it time go by so quick, we have to make sure we enjoy every second” But I am glad people gave me that advice, it opened my eyes to those tiny little moments that we can sometimes miss in the hustle bustle of everyday life. After reading Maria’s post from Collecting Moments about taking everything in just proves my point 🙂

Anyway onto the birthday plans. So the birthday boy has asked for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme – so last night when I should have been making his invitations I was looking for more ideas intending to blog them all last night but I got distracted with new ideas about what to do. The only thing he has asked for is a bouncy castle and some surprises!

party planning

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