Wicked Wednesday

I couldn’t decide which photo to use for my first ever Wicked Wednesdays I love this photobomb that Dan and Harry did whilst I was trying to get a nice family photo!


And when we went to the park the other day and Declan rolled down the hill and Harry copied him! I love his face!!

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Our Wedding Day!

So our wedding day was 13 weeks ago now, (3 months tomorrow). It seems like two minutes ago that we were planning it and now its all over and has been for quite some time. I loved every single second, there was no stress and no worry, it all ran super smoothly and everyone had so much fun! It was honestly one of the best days of my life (apart from when the kids were born). I thought I would share about our wedding day with you.

The morning of our wedding I had to go and pick up the cake. Then back home to get ready and get to the registry office.

Our wedding was at 3pm so I had plenty of time to get ready.

My bridesmaids were my sister, one of my best friends and my niece. Lily was a flower girl along with my other two nieces and I had Declan and Harry as page boys and my two nephews. Dan’s best man was his friend and Godfather to Declan. We used PJ’s car for Dan and my brother in laws car for me and my sister in laws car for my bridesmaids.

The theme was originally vintage tea party and I wanted traditional tea and scone style food but it would have been too much hassle (although I did get a tea party for my hen do 😀 ) so we went with a summer fair theme and had BBQ food.

Colour scheme was blue and pink, originally it was pink, bridesmaids dresses were bought but then my sister fell pregnant and the dress wouldn’t have fit her right! But it all worked out in the end and I much preferred these dresses and the girls get to wear them again 😀

Some pictures from arriving 🙂 and Declan being a cheeky monkey!


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So Halloween is just 2 week away I am so excited (even though I have just booked to see the Christmas Panto on Christmas Eve and to visit the winter wonderland eeeek Christmas isn’t far away!) Apart from Christmas, Halloween is my most favourite holiday! I love carving pumpkins with the kids!! These are our pumpkins from last year!


Harry’s is a funny bat, Lily’s is Ariel, Declan’s is batman, mine was a normal pumpkin and Dan attempted to make a ghost.

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Welcome to From Mummy to Mum!

I started this blog to be able to share everything that happens throughout my children growing up. If you want to know more about me then please click About Us, which will tell you all about my fabulous family and how I came up with my blog name.

I am hoping to share something at least once a week!!

Hope you stick around to see the blog grow 🙂