Disney on Ice – Birmingham

This post has to be the one that I have been most excited to write about, but beware it will be very picture heavy, but not as bad as it could have been!! I Took over 300 photos!!!

Disney on Ice was AMAZING!!! I have never seen anything like it before. Lily told me about 2 minutes in “This is so much better than I thought it would be and I thought it was going to be excellent!” So it surprised a 6 year old with how good it was.

We had pretty decent tickets, not right at the front – that is my aim for when the kids are a little older and they can all enjoy it and remember it, but we were about half way up on the side.

The kids loved dressing up in their costumes again like they did for the Frozen sing-a-long so was an extra use for them to get all dressed up!!

disneyonice 1

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Snowdome – Tamworth

Declan has been asking me to build a snowman and to play in the snow for at least 5 months!! So my cousins booked us all in for the snowplay at the Snowdome in Tamworth and it was so much fun!! I would recommend everyone to go and I am already planning on going back but to one that is closer to us!

There was a snow slide with rubber tubes, a tree house with a slide, a target board for throwing snowballs, sledges and of course snow to play in!!!

You get half an hour to play in the snow and it costs £3.50 per adult and £6.75 per child, well worth the money for the endless laughs and giggles from the kids.

I did have to bring Harry out after about 25 minutes as he was whinging, but it was late in the afternoon, he was hungry and wouldn’t keep his gloves on, Lily and Declan didn’t want to come out I think they would have stayed there for hours!

snowdome 1

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We’re off on a holiday…

…and by holiday I totally mean a family get away to visit more family and do lots and lots of fun things!!!

Me, Lily, Declan and Harry are due to get on a train at 9am tomorrow morning!! I am totally gutted that Hubby can’t get anytime off from work to come with us, but everything we are doing I had already paid for so there was no point in us not going, and it helps that what we are doing is going to watch Disney on Ice there is no way I could not take the kids!

So tomorrow we are on the train to visit my cousin, Sunday we are going to watch Frozen sing a long, on Monday we are off to the Snowdome then on Wednesday we move onto my Mums. Then we are spending the week there and on Saturday we are going to watch Disney on Ice and travelling back home on the train on Monday ready to see Daddy and see what the Easter bunny has planned!

Then the 2nd week will be full of fun together as a family as we would have missed Daddy lots and lots!!

I am taking my tablet so hoping to be able to share with you all and keep up with some posts, but if not then I shall be busy catching up with everything that we have been doing!

I am so excited for the children as I know they will love it!!

One Lovely Blog Award

A huge thank you to Alice from Toast for Tea for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. This is the second award I have been nominated for the first being “The Liebster Award” for new bloggers which I had to answer questions and post 11 random facts, for the One Lovely Blog Award the rules are to

  • Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you. (complete)
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • and Nominate about 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

I love joining in with awards and love to learn about other blogger so go and head over to Alice’s post to learn 7 facts about her too!

So here we go, thank you again Alice, for the nomination.



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It was all going so well…

I have been on a high, a huge happy high! Everything had been going really well (maybe too well) and everything was all good, until this past week, more importantly today…

I don’t know how to explain it, or even explain why it is happening especially as up until today everything was good, but the more I think about it the more I realise that it has actually been building up and I have just been trying to squish it down as to not let it bother me. Today started off with me waking up with a tension headache, which by the end of the day I realise was due to stress.

Firstly, I have booked a lot of fun things for the Easter Holidays for the kids and us including, Frozen sing along and Disney on Ice both in Birmingham and we are going to stay with family for 10 days. Unfortunately hubby’s work haven’t allowed him the time off, so I am so annoyed that for the two weeks that the kids get off hubby will not see them for 10 days of it!! I am so so gutted for him and for us as a family, it is going to be horrible.

I have been asked by the headteacher of the children’s school to become the chairperson of the PTA but the current chairperson doesn’t know and I don’t think she wants to step down. She is Declan’s friends mum and he is in the same class as Declan so I don’t want their to be any animosity between us but on the other hand I am really excited about this opportunity. I hate confrontation, I will talk the talk to close friends and family but they and I know that I would never do anything to intentionally upset anyone, so that has been playing on my mind for the past week.

I had a driving lesson this morning and nothing went right, my niece recently had her test and failed and that has been on my mind, I am worrying about everything and anything and not concentrating on what I am doing and I just haven’t got a clue what went wrong, I wasn’t thinking about the driving, I was just in a little world of my own.

I know it is just a one off (I hope) but I beat myself up so bad, it was the worst thing ever and I hated driving for the first time ever! I am hoping that Friday is a much better experience, especially as I will be going away for 10 days and not going into a car so I really want to finish on a high this week and try my bloody hardest to get it!

With my little vent over, I am hoping I wake up in the morning with no headache and back to my normal self!

I do believe in fairies!!

I DO, I DO, I DO!!

Anyone else watched Peter Pan: Return to Neverland? Lily loves this film – and every other Tinkerbell film for that matter. She loves the idea of fairies and couldn’t wait for the tooth fairy to come and visit once her first tooth had fallen out.

I love magic, I love to create it for the children and allow their imaginations to go wild. We have elves that come and visit us during the month of December and we have a bunny that comes to stay around easter time and he gives us lots of activities that we can do, so of course the tooth fairy was going to be no different.

I downloaded the Tooth Fairy Letter templates from The original Tooth Fairy poll and I printed off the first tooth letter and the certificate for Lily and put them under her pillow with a shiny gold coin and a little bottle of magic fairy dust, that the fairy gave her for losing her very first tooth and Lily could make just one wish with the dust.

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Sickness, Tonsillitis and Red Nose Day!

Firstly Happy Red Nose Day!

red nose day 1
The children got to wear their own clothes for £1 and buy a red nose – Harry wouldn’t wear one but my cousin photoshopped him a red nose hehe! Harry had to wear fancy dress!


So if you read my post from Monday you would know that our weekend was very busy, and Declan had caught a sickness bug, so Monday and Tuesday both children weren’t in school as Lily had tonsillitis too, she suffers really bad with it and has been to the doctors twice in three months with her throat, I hope it starts to settle down as she gets older. Then Tuesday night I got the sickness bug, and bless Lily she was acting Mum for me as hubby was in work and she read the boys a story for me! So cute!

Then I got tonsillitis Wednesday 🙁 and yesterday I didn’t stop all day. I went to a pilates class with physiotherapy department to try and strengthen my back then I went to help out with the garden clear up at the playgroup (where I am a volunteer secretary), then home for a quick dinner before heading back out for reading at the kids school. Then Lily had a haircut after school, and then off to weight watchers (where I only gained 1/2 lb in two weeks 😀 And still 1/2lb under goal!) The evening was gone before I knew it!

Then Friday came, I had a driving lesson this morning, then I had to go and get canvas’ to make mothers day presents from the children and then back to school for reading and when we got home we played, had tea then we made some biscuits to decorate whilst we watched Red Nose Day! These stories are heartbreaking, it is so upsetting and even more upsetting when you have the kids snuggled up next to you in a nice warm house, with clothes, shoes, food, probably a lot more food than we actually need a week, and everything else that we have for birthdays and Christmas’ then you realise how upsetting it is that these children are going without!

These are the biscuits we made!

Harry just tried to put as much icing on as he possibly could – haha it worked 😉

red nose day 2

Declan worked super hard with his piping bless him!

red nose day 3

Lily kept sneaking tastes 😉

red nose day 4

Declan’s biscuits – Super proud of his interpretations of those nose!

red nose day 5

These are Lilys – again totally awesome!

red nose day 6

And mine! Any guesses on which one?

red nose day 7

Funny Faces for Comic Relief!! red nose day 8


So I have a complete disaster blogging week this week, I have missed Living Arrows, I have missed my general posts and I have totally missed blogging. Hopefully I will be back again tomorrow – with lots of catch up posts 😉


Busy Busy Busy!!

After school on Friday my Dad came and picked me and the kids up and drove us 2 hours to his and my mums house where we spent the weekend with them and my sister for my gorgeous little nieces 3rd birthday party. We had a lovely but really busy weekend and as you can tell the blog has suffered. I full intended to get my posts written (Happy Days, Little Loves, The week that was captured, Photo challenge (which I haven’t even done). But on the way home Declan was sick in the car three times, I assumed it was travel sickness as both Lily and Declan suffer with it. Since getting home he has since been sick every hour, the last time being half an hour ago.. I’m not holding my breath that that was the last time either.

So my plans have certainly not gone to plan as I took the laptop to mums to blog at night time but by the time the kids got settled, I was too tired to do anything.

It has been a lovely weekend away from everything technology though, so in the morning whilst Declan sleeps off his illness, Harry and Lily are at school I will be trying to catch up as I can’t wait to read back on those posts through out the year!

Busy sleeping whilst I try and blog
Busy sleeping whilst I try and blog, he will be up soon again probably 🙁



Theory Test Second attempt!

So I have just realised I haven’t posted about my theory test!

My first attempt didn’t go so well. I failed, on the hazard perception part of the test by just THREE POINTS!!! I think that made it worse, I think if I had really failed at least it would be kind of worth paying again to retake, but three measly points, thats just clicking the mouse 1 second faster on 1 clip… I was determined to pass second time round. I couldn’t afford not too! I couldn’t really afford the £25 fee everytime!

So I rebooked my theory test and it was at 9 in the morning, so at least I could get it out of the way instead of worrying about it all day. So I signed in, they handed me the rules to read – I politely declined, they then knew I was one of those… one of those who had to retake their test!! So I put all my things in the locker and get ready to go into the room that has just eight computers all divided by the horrible blue dividers that the naughty kids used to get sent to work in between at school so they wouldn’t distract anyone, and I said down on computer number six. The exact same computer as last time.


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